Flexible output options from your digital asset management software

The importance of accurate digital reporting

Asset usage reports can help you and your organization determine the value your digital asset management (DAM) system provides to team members and stakeholders. There are a variety of reports available for a DAM administrator to take advantage of, all of which provide useful information about your DAM system’s usage, how users are interacting with assets, and what assets are being downloaded and shared. Accessing reports and analytic information frequently keeps administrators informed, so they can construct strategies of how to better utilize their assets and how they can improve the end-user experience. They can view information on which assets are underutilized and better calculate what the ROI is of managing the company’s brand. Here are a few reasons why usage reporting is so important to managing digital assets.

Asset usage reports

Reporting on asset usage allows you to measure how effective your digital assets are performing and how much your team and the market are leveraging those assets – such as images, videos, PDFs, layouts, presentations, etc. Some of the most useful and common digital asset usage reporting lets you see how many users log into your DAM system and which assets are requested and downloaded most frequently. This gives insight into what type of content is performing well, and what is not.

Learn where your content is shared

Sharing reports can show where and how your content has been shared. Generating these reports can tell what channels your content has been shared to, the frequency of that content being shared to those channels and which team members have been actively sharing your digital assets to outside collaborators.

Flexible output

Out of the box you'll immediately find the functionality available on every page of your digital asset management system enabling you to rapidly export data to suit your existing business processes and workflows. Choose from outputting to PDF, HTML, TXT, or even exporting the raw data directly to CSV or XLSX spreadsheet file.

Discover how your team are using DAM

There are a variety of reports that administrators can access to determine how team members use your DAM system. Admins can generate reports about user login history to see how (and if) team members are making the most of your investment in DAM. By reviewing reports on the top downloaded assets, admins can have insight to which files are used the most by your team and allow that to influence future content creation and usage. There also reports that document the type of files being stored and used, in case there are specific organizational rules to how a team should use their DAM system.