Quick Search

The quick search operates on an index of any saved data and is built on the fly as new content is added.

Search suggestions

Quick search offers clickable suggestions from the content as you type.

Wildcard searching

The wildcard (*) can be used in place of unknown characters or to widen the search.

Boolean Operators in searching

i.e. AND, OR and NOT to specify whether a result set must contain all terms, any terms, or not the specified term.

Phrase searching operators

A phrase can be found by placing quotes around it.

Google style searching with 'did you mean' (Fuzzy searching)

By default Quick Search searches for not only the exact word or phrase, but also for similar words. For example a search for hoose will find house (if house exists in the data). This is known as fuzzy searching. If no matches are found suggestions will be offered of similar terms that do exist on the site. Fuzzy searching and suggestions are inhibited by placing quotes around the term, for example "house" will return items with exactly that word, but not houses. Searching for "hoose" or "hiuse" will not return any items and no suggestions will be offered. Fuzzy searching and suggestions can be set by a system manager for whatever level of sensitivity that you want for your users.