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Questions Answered This is a sample of queries and questions raised. They're all exactly as we received them, because we think that seeing them as they came to us will be useful for you.

Key requirements - Multi-media digital asset management; Image asset management; Audio asset management; Video Asset Management

Is it possible to connect to a LAN for printing?

Yes, printing to a networked device is fine.

Can it upload and view/play RAW (Nikon), JPEG, TIFF, PDF, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, QTVR (360), WMA, AIFF, WAV, MP3?

Any file with a MIME type can be uploaded, from which - in the case of images, video and audio display surrogates are created e.g. JPG, WMV, MP3.

Can it extract metadata on upload and populate appropriate fields?

Yes - during upload any embedded as IPTC or EXIF metadata can be copied to viewable and searchable fields as required.

The System must have full audit capabilities and include the following as a minimum: staff number,time and date of log in, activities whilst logged in, images uploaded, initial metadata, images viewed,editing, copies, prints and processing.

Yes, all of these are captured in the audit trail.

Can the system automatically add a watermark?

Yes - Images can be watermarked with text or a graphic at any size and in whatever position on the image is required. They can be applied to specified resolutions, for example none on the thumbnail or reference images but included on any higher resolutions. Having watermarks on display images doesn't mean that download versions have to have to have them, but they can if required.

Is uploading images to the system possible from multiple locations from cameras, memory cards, discs and mobile data devices? Mobile Devices: Blackberry Device. Bold 9000/Bold 9700/Storm v2 OS version 5.0.0.X Platform 4.2.0.xxx

Files can be uploaded from any device that can be connected to and be visible on a network from the iBase system.

Key requirements - Multi-media online library; online ordering with ecommerce; Photo library software; Image library; Internal and external use; Flexible user permissions

I have a series of images that needs to go online. The website will be used by institutions and individual users. Can the software provide and limit access to paid institutional and individual subscribers?

Yes - extensive control is available for the access rights and permissions of Trinity users, including:

  • Login and password managed access to the site.
  • Set expiry dates for logins.
  • Limit access to part of the database for specified users.
  • Make some assets available to internal users only.
  • Manage user permissions for view only, download etc... as required.
  • Publish all or selected assets only to the web.
  • Create personal lightboxes or share them with other users.

A university is an institution. If a university subscribes to the website, I will need to provide access to all the students and faculty at that university.

That is no problem at all, and if required different groups of users can be given specific permissions for what you want them to be able to do, or indeed not do!

I will like to achieve this without requiring that each student and faculty create an account. Given that some university are large, I would like to explore an alternative way to provide access such as IP authentication. Is this possible with the software?

Yes - IP authentication is available.

Key requirements - Centralised image and video asset management; Locally hosted; Internal network; Organize and tag; Digital content management; Media asset management software

We want a centralized place for employees to access our company photos and videos. The system needs to be user friendly, and allow us the ability to easily organize and tag the media we upload to the server. We would need to host on our own servers, since we are an international company and our operations tend to be in fairly remote places, and we don't have the luxury of being in areas with good local bandwidth, thus we rely on our own internal network.

Trinity is a good fit for all of these requirements, and can hosted locally in your own environment.

It does not need to be packed with features, just a simple way for employees to search or browse the library, and distinguish between video and photo.

Yes, Trinity can be configured for the simplest possible use by employees.

Perhaps down the road, we would like the ability to allow more of a social approach, such as allowing our employees to upload their own videos/photos, but that is not entirely necessary to start. Same goes for commenting; if it is available out of the box, great, but it is not a requirement.

All of these features are available as standard.

Finally, we would like to be able to brand the interface a little, so hopefully we can do that, and it is straight forward.

Yes, style and branding can be done by you, or we can do it for you.

Key requirements - Media management software; Photo library software; Digital asset management system; Video library, Multiple users

I am currently working in a factory, and we are interested in one of your solutions for data management.

The factory has more than 100 people connected to the server, and our objective would be to have a common database/library to share all the photos, movies, presentations, etc. taken/made in the plant.

This is fine - there is no limit to the number of concurrent users or the number of assets that can be managed.

Key requirements - Image, video and document management system; Internal intranet; Digital asset management; Managing digital assets

We are a company providing services to various clients in India. One of our clients is looking for some system to keep their Photographs, Videos and Printed Media (Article, Ads, News etc.) in order. They want to manage their pictures, videos and printed material so that their internal staff members can browse it through intranet and selected user can download them for reproduction purpose.

Yes, all of these features and requirements are available as standard.

Key requirements - Digital asset management software; Video library; Image management software; Picture library software; Intuitive content organization

We are looking to deploy a website that consists of an electronic atlas of images and videos for use by our members. Software used for this project should be completely rebrandable based on our design standards. After the initial design and deployment phase of the project, site maintenance and uploading of new images/videos will be handled by non technical staff with minimal day to day support from our IT department.

At launch, the site will be accessible to only one segment of our membership for an initial 60 - 90 day period. After the initial period, the site will be open to all of our members. We would like to have a login system that mirrors our current website login information via data import. Ideally, we would like to upgrade to a single sign on scenario. We don't currently support SSO on our network but will in the near future. At time of launch, we will most likely be building a separate login database.

Here are some of the key functionalities that have been identified:

  • Searchability by keyword
  • Analytics - image usage needs to be trackable to fulfill sponsor reports
  • Intuitive content organization. Main level categories, with alphabetized galleries of images under each category.
  • Images have a small watermark
  • Images have a brief caption/description
  • Desired layout: Categories (approximately 8 - 10) in a horizontal row of tabs on top.
  • Must be easy to use. (By both end user as well as content managers.)
  • When an image is selected and then enlarged, the previous page will still be available when image is closed. No need to use the back button after closing an image.
  • Will be capable of both still images and video images, videos should indicate duration (minutes).

All of these key functionalities are available.

Key requirements - Video asset management system; Image management; Digital asset management; Flexible security permissions; Picture and video library management

We need a system to collect, identify, index, search and retrieve our extensive collection of images and video clips (generally referred to as 'images'). In the first phase, we need:

  • Customizable keyword lists to quickly and simply tag new images
  • Intuitive user interface for searching using predefined keywords
  • Ability to summarize collection contents and identify areas in need of image submissions
  • Tiered security levels to grant specific permissions to different users
  • Software compatible with our current IT infrastructure and digital media editing software
  • Record and track source of images and other image meta information.
  • In future updates we will need to implement secured online access for uploading, tagging and saving new images and videos from anywhere in the world, and to be able to issue invitations to do so from within the database.

No problem, iBase Trinity provides for all of these features.

Key requirements - Image management system, Video library; Multimedia digital asset management; Digital image database system

Please see the list of our requirements below.


  • The system would need to be visually integrated with our intranet. It could be a stand alone system but would need to have the 'look and feel' of our main site.
  • Personalise/customisable to our identity and have requirements and the ability to be structured in line with company structure.
  • Accessible as a group wide system.
  • Available at to all AD users.
  • The system needs to operate quickly, searching through thousands of images of large file sizes.
  • All images to have thumbnails and descriptive titles which should be created on upload to make the navigation of the library efficient.
  • Any size or file format of image can be uploaded onto the system (jpg, tiff, psd, png, gif, eps)
  • It must have basic permission levels that can be set via email addresses or AD user profiles so users will need to log in. The majority of users will have a basic level of access where they can download images. With selected individuals having advanced permissions for uploading and managing images. There will then need to be a top level of users with admin rights to maintain and develop the system.
  • Image reference (meta data) applied to each image when uploading to the library by having preset data for certain projects/groups of images. Once an album or project has been set up, any additional images will immediately have the same search functions and keywords applied.
  • Additional image information box used to attached text about content, model names/copyright/usage rights etc. A standard drop down/multiple choice list should be created to encourage standard use of terms.
  • A basic keyword search must be available; it needs to be customisable to suit the typical content of xxxxx's images
  • An advanced/dynamic search option - searchable by image rights, materials, region, date taken, image size, date uploaded, orientation, photographer etc
  • Size and format options on download, the same Image can be downloaded in varying formats to suite varying uses (Hi resolution pints, powerpoint slides)
  • Uploading criteria (standard list) that must be checked on upload of all images. To ensure use of model release forms - a policy will be set to encourage this.
  • Images or groups of images to have 'subject matter. owners linked or attached to them so enquiries can be sent directly to them.

All of these features are available as standard


  • An option to show different amounts of image thumbnails on screen.
  • The facility to email the relevant team for suggestions of possible future photo shoots.
  • Contact sheets or an electronic 'light box' can immediately be created by click of a button to share a selection of images with other Amey employees or external suppliers. This would be available depending on a users privileges.
  • Individual images or groups of images can be zipped and emailed or a link sent via email to reduce admin time and email bandwidth.
  • Videos files to be included.
  • Logos (inclusive of accreditations).
  • The image search function to have an option of being a 'pick list' or freestyle text search or combined.

All of these features are available as standard

Nice to have

  • Selected images can be downloaded into branded word or PowerPoint templates
  • Duplicated images will automatically be blocked on upload using image content recognition rather than file names.
  • Download history/monthly search report functions to help analyse demand for images.

All of these features are available as standard.

Key requirements - Image indexing; Image management; Managing digital assets; Brand asset management software

I have thousands of images which need to be available centrally (web based) for use by all our offices, and a very good, clean way of indexing them so that we can find what we need quickly and easily. Our satellite offices take pictures of events or products, but all marketing is co ordinated centrally. At the moment we are in a situation that images are spread all over the network, and all over our server at Head office which is taking time to process.

iBase Trinity is web based and there is no limit to the number of images that iBase Trinity can handled. Indexing is straightforward, and there are comprehensive features for quick and easy searching. Trinity is ideal for getting control of those images spread all over the place.

Key requirements - Photo library software; Digital image database system; Image management software; Picture library software

I want a web based management system where I can control who uploads what, index images by set categories, as well as free text fields, and easily be able to draw from this library. It is for internal use so doesn't need a glossy veneer to it. Ideally I'd like to pay a monthly subscription for this service, which includes back ups for peace of mind and can handle up to 100 users.

Yes, the Trinity digital asset management system is designed for all of this. There is no limit to the number of users and, as the system manager, you will be able to control who can see and do what - including uploading, editing of metadata, and downloading. A monthly subscription service is available and full backups are included.

Key requirements - Web based image library, Internal and external use; Watermarking; Technical support; Photo library software

A number of our current clients have asked about setting up image libraries and the like, where internal users/members of staff can logon and view/download photos for different purposes.

The criteria we have outlined at the moment are:

  • A web based image library, housed on our servers, branded and secure password protected with archive and search facilities.
  • We need a system that can be viewed, but permissions needed before download. Preview images would need to watermarked.
  • The system would be for internal use initially, but we will want to use it commercially at some stage.
  • Images will be captioned, keyworded and uploaded by us.
  • We would need assurance of technical support, and a disaster recovery process would need to be in place.

All of these requirements are fully supported. Trinity is designed for the dual requirements of internal media asset management and a public facing online image / video / audio library. It has very flexible permissions and security model, and each individual user group - or even a single user - can have whatever permissions are required set by the system manager. iBase Media Services' technical support is second to none, and all programs and data can be quickly restored if lost through some disaster.

Key requirements - Digital asset management system; Manage images, video and audio file types; Manage digital assets; Media asset management software

The main requirements from the DAMS we require are:

  • System must be compatible with both MAC and PC. Should be able to browse using Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • Ability to support all digital media file types, all variants of Image, audio and video files.
  • Be scalable due to the increase storage without impacting on performance.
  • Guarantee a certain level of performance, e.g. in relation to the speed with which files can be uploaded/downloaded.
  • System should be accessible 24/7/365, availability no less then 99%
  • Active Directory integration: All users have a user account within the Active Directory.
  • The system should have a simple user import facility.
  • System should be backed up regularly to a schedule.
  • The system must have a comprehensive audit trail e.g. the ability to track and record downloads. This should also allow administrative users to trace the download histories of specific assets or users, including the facility to run export reports.
  • Recognise when the consent on a particular asset has expired, and automatically block further use of this. It should also notify the system administrator group that the asset's consent has expired.
  • The ability to tag asset with specific key words. This should include information describing the asset and relating to consent and previous use.
  • Facility to import assets and data using a batch process e.g. bulk uploads
  • System should also have facility to export assets and data directly to optical storage media e.g. DVD
  • System must allow designated administrators to restrict access to and the functionality of specific users.
  • The capability to view assets in thumbnail previews.
  • Automatically determine who should authorise the release of the asset, based upon the user placing the request.
  • The ability to preview only low resolution samples, but download high resolution versions for use.
  • The system should be capable of watermarking preview samples so if these are copied it will be evident.
  • The provision of shared areas or workspaces to aid collaborative team working controlled by rights.
  • To earn revenue from selected digital assets.
  • We require 3 groups created for administration as below;

    System Administrators

    • Will have full rights over the entire system and key functionality should include;
    • Manage user accounts (add, edit,delete)
    • Ability to upload, download and delete assets.
    • Add, edit and delete metadata as necessary
    • Access audit information and run usage reports
    • Add, edit and delete workspaces
    • Can perform certain administrative functions such as;
    • Ability to upload and download assets
    • Ability to approve workflow requests to release assets
    • Add metadata as necessary
    • Access audit information and run usage reports
    • Access all areas

    Image viewers

    • Will only have viewing rights. Will need to be able to view watermarked low resolution samples.
    • In order to access full version of the asset for use they will have to engage with an asset request workflow process. Workflow will automatically determine which Image Master can authorise the release of the asset.

    The aim of the system is for use internally throughout all departments, to reduce:

    • time searching for images;
    • cost for obtaining an image which someone in another department already has;
    • photographer fees;
    • risk of breaching third party copyright;
    • risk of using images without consent of the individual in the picture.

All of these features and requirements are available as standard.

Key requirements - Manage digital assets; Flexible departmental level security; Image management system; Digital asset management; Digital image database system

File Formats

The system should manage digital assets comprising images in a wide range of formats, for example GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. The system must be extendable to hold video and audio files in the future. Also it must hold permission documents 'Model release forms' which will be attached to particular images.


The system should incorporate flexible departmental level security.

User Management

  • Images should be available to authorised users for searching and download. There should be varying levels of access permissions, to control what can be used by whom, through password controlled logins.
  • First level: All Corporate Communications
  • Second level: Lead Communicators
  • Third Level: Press
  • Fourth Level: Public

Access Control

  • The administrator must be able to set up new user groups and assign users to each group.
  • The administrator must be able to assign varying rights to each group of users - for example some groups will only be able to view certain images whereas others will be able to edit the image and its associated data.
  • For example, Corporate Communications may be able to upload and store images that have been licensed from external stock agencies and these images may be restricted to only that department.
  • It must be possible to set up temporary folders (or lightboxes) in which to assign images. These folders must be available to external agencies (for example, the press) without compromising access to the rest of the archive.
  • It should be possible to send a press release with a link to a specific lightbox that holds a selection of images associated with that press release. Lightboxes may be permanent or temporary.

iBase Trinity supports all of these features and requirements as standard.

Key requirements - Digital asset management system; Media asset management software; Digital brand management; Audit trail

Asset Management

The system should provide the following facilities:

  • Ease of use
  • Upload by external photographers
  • Internal review and approval
  • Selection (that is images selected for a particular use are noted)
  • Editing of metadata
  • Classification for use by different departments
  • Flexible distribution (for example, selected images routed to different newspapers)
  • Lightboxes (to allow users to select images in a temporary working area)

Asset Types

  • Asset Types will include:
  • press photography
  • photography for use in magazines and leaflets
  • photography for the website and intranet
  • corporate identity
  • city branding
  • video files
  • The system should have the facility to manage associated documents, for example release forms and permission forms.


It should be possible to capture the following metadata relating to an image:

  • Photo title
  • Caption
  • Content keywords
  • Date taken
  • Date of expiry
  • Private comments
  • Format
  • File size and resolution
  • Dimensions
  • Photographer
  • Department
  • Owner
  • Usage
  • Copyright
  • Original version
  • Permissions (attached consent forms, names)
  • Summary or additional info (alt text)
  • Accessibility control:
  • Staff
  • Press
  • Public
  • Visitor and Convention Bureau

Search facility

Users must be able to search on any data associated with an image. Ideally the system will have an 'intelligent' search engine like Google. This should including 'language stemming', 'phonetic (sounds like)'. Search results should be sorted by relevance or date. The system should have a fast response time to searches.


The system should have a flexible display facility so that the Admin user can set up various galleries or categories. They must be able to create unlimited categories and assign pictures to those categories. The system must be able to generate dynamic galleries based on a saved search.

Reporting and audit

The system should ask users to complete a usage form so that we will have the ability to see where and when an image has been used, to avoid overuse. It should also allow activity reports by user.

The iBase Digital Asset Management (DAM) system supports all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Digital multimedia asset management; Secure login; Media management software

Just a little background, we're an events marketing company. We are looking for a way to be able to upload images to our server that will be visible to others as a thumbnail. We want to be able to send links to clients/vendors so they can retrieve the files. We'd like it to be easy to use and have security controls so that if one of our clients needs to add something, they won't be looking at everyone else's stuff when they connect.

The system will need to provide the following.

User experience

  • Users will be required to login to the secure system by entering a user name and password.
  • A total of 10 accounts will be required with upload and download rights.
  • Users will be able to browse thumbnails created from the PDF files uploaded into the system.
  • The system will store a maximum of 500 items within a single category, there will be only one category.
  • Clicking a thumbnail will show the user a preview of the PDF
  • Clicking a download button will download an associated zip file that will contain the assets to create the PDF.
  • User will be able to search for an item. The search will review the titles and descriptions of files.

Admin Experience

  • A single admin account will be create.
  • This will have the same privileges as the users, but will also give the right to edit and delete items.
  • A user can add an item to the system by doing the following
  • Uploading a PDF
  • Uploading an associated zip file
  • Enter the title and description of the item
  • When a user adds a file a thumbnail will automatically be create and along with a preview image of the PDF
  • The item will be added to list of thumbnails


The system will be branded with client logo


The system will be hosted by the client

The Digital asset management system offered by iBase provides for all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Digital asset management; Video file management; Media management software; Image management system; Audio file library; Secure controlled access

There are 4 elements required:

  • 1. To store all digital assets on a secure host server.
  • 2. To serve as a digital assets database for encrypted, remote access by permitted users who will be working from more than one country.
  • 3. To hold digital media information assets (such as oral histories) which form part of the collection.
  • 4. To function as a content management system for interpretive materials such as gallery images and audio visual content.

These four main elements are all provided by iBase Trinity.

The system must:

  • Be easy to use, including uploading, searching for and extracting assets with minimal training for end users.
  • Have a clean, uncluttered layout.
  • Be able to be operated on both PC and MAC through a browser window.
  • Be secure. No data held on the system should be viewable by anyone who has not got permission. The system must not allow search engines such as Google scholar to search the data.
  • Require as little in house IT knowledge as possible to be fully operational.
  • Operate without the need for locally installed software or plug ins.
  • Be available remotely, in both the UK and elsewhere, to permitted users.
  • Have minimal server downtime, with advance notification where possible.
  • Allow differing levels of permissions to permit differing levels of asset access, with at least the following four user sets;
    • Administrators
    • Contributors, who can add assets and metadata
    • General Users, who can search and extract all assets, and edit pre defined metadata fields
    • External Users, who can access, search and extract only pre defined groups of assets
  • Allow administrators to set up new users, and to screen all requests for permission to access the files before user access is granted.
  • Allow controlled access. Outside contractors should be able to view areas to which they are given access.
  • Allow a minimum of 10 users to access the database concurrently, with scope to increase this figure over the length of the contract.
  • Support XMP metadata, with automatic import, and be Dublin Core compliant
  • Have a minimum of 35 configurable metadata fields.
  • Be fully searchable. Assets to be searchable based on internally agreed metadata fields and standards.
  • Have the ability to organise images into virtual 'light boxes', 'folders', 'galleries' or 'categories' to aid management and retrieval.
  • Allow different file types to be stored in the same folder e.g. images, PDFs and word files.
  • Allow information on licensing and source to be attached to assets.
  • Allow users to view thumbnails and larger preview images on screen, and previews of other assets (audio visual content, PDF files etc).
  • Allow users to download high resolution images, and smaller tif or jpeg variants as required.
  • Allow emailing of links to specific assets to contractors/suppliers for ease of download.
  • Have reporting features for assets ingested and downloaded.
  • Allow for the easy migration of all digital assets on system at end of term of agreement.
  • Applications must be designed to support the organisation with its duties under Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation.
  • Systems must demonstrate support for copyright and other intellectual property rights legislation.

All of these essential requirements are supported by the iBase digital asset management (DAM) system.

The system should:

  • Allow the export of thumbnails and license agreement information to a database / excel spreadsheet to hand over to the client at the end of the project.
  • Be able to print contact sheets of images within a folder and individual images.
  • Allow watermarking of downloaded assets.
  • Archive vast amounts of video files (all types of formats from mpeg to HD)
  • Archive image files
  • Archive reports
  • Associate relevant videos, images and documents to a specific case or multiple cases
  • Link specific information from one case to another
  • Ability to index video frames for easy search
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Track all data manipulations

These requirements are support by the iBase media asset management system.

Key requirements - Image library; Photo library software; Brand asset management; Digital image management system; Picture library software

I am looking to set up a simple image library for our company images.We have a collection of images but they need to be stored more efficiently.

  • We need the library to be accessible via our website so that customers can view the images and purchase them if they wish.
  • Must be able to upload images to the library as batches (not one by one)
  • Thumbnails, previews and low res versions must be automatically generated
  • It must be possible to label each photograph with a photographer, place, date and copyright usage (and to search by photographer and place)
  • Keywords should be pre existing, not typed in each time by uploader, but added via checkbox
  • It must be possible to categorise images and to tag them to more than one category
  • It must be possible for users to search by category, by location and by keyword
  • Keywords should be pre existing for users so they do not have to use their imagination
  • Users should be able to view a preview picture without clicking through to another page (ie should automatically pop up when hovering on the thumbnail)
  • Users should be able to download batch of photos in one go (not one by one)
  • Users should be able to feedback on images they would like to see in the library and/or more useful keywords/tagging for an image
  • Would like image library to have a search history so that as the administrator I can see: most viewed; recently viewed; popular keywords; recent keywords; new keywords people have typed in - this way we can continually improve and review the service the image library provides.
  • Users will need to log in to use the brand portal/image library
  • Ability for photographer to upload complete set of images to own albums
  • Administrator will need to be able to set up users and to give them a time limit on their usership
  • Administrator will need to be able to download list of users and see their user history

The iBase digital asset management (DAM) and image library system fulfils all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Digital image library software; Photo library system; Image library management; Online media asset management

  • Database of up to 20,000 images, all jpegs.
  • Multiple Meta Data Fields which we can manage E.g. Add or delete fields for future use.
  • Mass Download via an excel spreadsheet.
  • Support for multiple user accounts with various restrictions to viewing and/or downloading.
  • Approval process for images.
  • Multiple image uploading

All of these requirements are available as standard with iBase's digital asset management software.

Key requirements - Browser based image library system; Controlled access; Links to social media; Photo library software; Digital content management

The following key requirements have been identified for our image library.

  • Ability to search images by keyword search
  • Ability to view images as thumbnails
  • Ability to identify the contact person for that image
  • Ability to store any information that needs to be included with the image such as captions, photographer details etc
  • Be internet based
  • Ability to download high res images
  • Restricted access - logins required and admin determine what level of access
  • Allow some users to download licensed images but not all
  • Allow people to view and not download
  • Not limited to images but include video, audio, as well
  • Clean simple easy to use interface
  • Log where the image has been used
  • Quick to upload
  • Do we host it or can they host it? Does it have its own server - external software is a service model and we pay for the licensing and hosted on another server.
  • East of accessibility from the Internet and Intranet
  • Can include sections on Flickr and our website

No problem, we can help with all of this with our standard browser based image library system.

Key requirements - Browser based digital asset management system; locally hosted; LDAP integration; Flexible permission and security model

Here are our current requirements for a DAM solution.

  • The ability to add custom meta tags to image/video/documents etc Web base solution (no desktop client installations)
  • The ability to categorize assets We would like to host the software(no cloud or SaaS solutions)
  • Ability to search and have advanced search capabilities
  • LDAP(we user Active Directory) integration would be a BIG plus but not a requirement. Different user levels:
    • Admins(usually key to the city)
    • Power users(users allowed to edit but no upload)
    • view only users(self explanatory)

Yes, these features are all available with an iBase digital asset management (DAM) system

Key requirements - Digital asset management; DAM; Image management system; Picture library software; Media asset management software

Currently all our images reside in a windows file server with folder used for organizations. The search functionality is limited and management is cumbersome. This is where the DAM would be useful for us

Brief as follows:

  • Web based.
  • Admin back end.
  • Viewable front end.
  • Secure.
  • Need it to be hosted for three years. (Although 3rd party hosting option may be considered, dependent on price quoted)
  • Need to be able to catalog images at upload using a very comprehensive and configurable metadata form.
  • Also when adding images we need to have an auto ID generated and associated with, so that all subsequent imports would follow on from the previous ID.
  • Searchable based on metadata.
  • Advanced user admin control.
  • Easy integration into designed/developed web site.
  • 3 monthly stats.
  • Need monthly reports based on User, group,private, public and maybe some other attributes.
  • On the front end would need to have a form attached to each image so the image could be reported on by the user.
  • Onsite training/ongoing support.
  • Secure access, with ability to have different levels of access if possible e.g. Foundling Hospital only, all images, current images only, viewing access only (i.e. not able to download)
  • Flexible and easy to use system - it needs to be easy to navigate and search as it may be used by people on one off occasions searching for images
  • Simple upload and download process - and ability for bulk image uploads
  • Customisable search facility
  • Ability to store and link media release forms and/or other documents to images
  • Capacity for library to grow over time
  • Multiple licences
  • Easy to transfer data/images if the system is upgraded in the future
  • Ability to download different sized images - so we can reduce the size of our proposals/ ppts / documents (some of them are over 10MB and this could reduce these substantially)
  • Ability to mass upload assets all with the same metadata - time saving, it needs to upload/run in the back ground so not to stop people in their day job
  • Has to be simple - nothing too complicated/ too slow
  • Must accept all the common image file formats, plus CAD files would be an advantage

The iBase digital asset management system supports all of these features and requirements as standard.

Key requirements - Multi-media digital asset management; Image asset management; Audio asset management; Video Asset Management

We are looking to purchase a multi-user DAM application to manage 3-4 thousand digital images and a few tens of video files. Starting to look at the options on the market.

We'll have 1 or 2 internal admin users, 3 or 4 users with upload and edit rights and up to 10 internal viewing users (with view and download rights). It is not our core business by any means so ease-of-use is key - we won't be sending users on training courses!

iBase Trinity will accommodate any number of users with permissions as required. No training courses are needed for users, and an online briefing session of maybe an hour at the most will be sufficient for administrators.

Simple bulk/batch upload and edit of same metadata across a batch will be essential.

Trinity has simple and intuitive upload and edit features, including multiple upload and batch edit.

Ease and speed of emailing selected image(s) is important (we use Outlook 2010 and MS Exchange).

Yes, there is a facility to email a link to a lightbox with login credentials giving access to only that lightbox. Your Outlook email client is fine.

Key requirements - Multi-media online library; online ordering with ecommerce; Photo library software; Image library; Internal and external use; Flexible user permissions

Can you please help with a few questions?

Our images are presently stored in a Windows folder hierarchy on a dedicated (NAS) drive - do the images have to be 'imported' i.e. moved or will ibase simply hold an index/pointer to the original location for the image?

They will need to be imported because Trinity creates it's own folder structure for the images.

Are the additional metadata fields held with the image file or stored separately?

There are separate Metadata fields. Any fields embedded with the image can be automatically mapped (copied) to specified metadata fields for searching and display as / if required.

Can certain images be marked as 'never for publication' so viewable as a thumbnail but available only to administrators to download? Can you clarify how images can be marked in order that they may be downloaded just by particular users?.

Yes, Trinity has a very flexible permissions and security model and any features - such as download - can be switched on or off for each type of user role.

Key requirements - Digital asset management; Worldwide access; Online brochures; Corporate identity; Brand management

I am looking for a Digital Asset Management solution so to share with our worldwide subsidiaries the following things:

  • Logos
  • Templates
  • Online Brochures
  • Product Pictures
  • Corporate Identity Guidelines

It would be like a kind of Intranet except that I don't want to install software. So it should be accessible online via a user id and password.

Also I would like to personalize the page(s) in line with our corporate identity.

Is this possible? Is it easy to implement and/or to change/configure by myself?

Can we also track who has downloaded the files etc?

Also important thing, what budget would this represent? Do you work with a yearly/monthly fee? Per user?

It sounds as though iBase Trinity would be ideal for your requirements -

  • It will handle any file type.
  • We can host it for you, with access only available to those you choose to provide with a user ID and password.
  • There are a number of features you could configure yourself, others we would do for you - including for example matching the site precisely to your corporate identity.
  • iBase Trinity can be bought as an outright purchase with nothing more to pay, i.e. no annual licence fees, no limit to the number of items stored, and no limit to the number of users. If we host it for you there is a charge for that based on the amount of storage space you need. You can also choose between an optional annual support agreement or have support on a charge per occasion basis.

Key requirements - DAM; Price; Image, video and audio digital asset management

I am interested in obtaining a ball-park figure for a new DAM system for our company to aid me with the budget setting for next year.

The system would need to hold photography ( high and low res) as well as moving image and audio.

The main requirement is that it is easy to upload to and to search in. The system we have in place at the moment can hold a lot of files but is very cumbersome and timely to use and search in.

Trinity will meet all of your requirements, with easy upload and searching. Please see our current prices at Digital Asset Management Prices.

Key requirements - DAM; Digital asset management; Hosted image management; Browser based; Worldwide access; Multiple Categories; IPTC metadata; Manage user permissions

We are looking for a DAM to organise and store our images centrally on a hosted server. I spoke to someone in your organisation who kindly talked through the capabilities of ibase, and now would you be able to provide me with a quote for a hosted system:

These were our intial requirements:

  • Up to 100GB storage space
  • Supports multi-users across the world (so would be browser based) - 40-50 users
  • Category and keyword assignment (and able to assign multiple categories per image file)
  • Supports growth/easily editable in the future

Yes - each of these requirements is met.

Supports metadata - title, description, contributor, venue, image caption, credits, destination, season etc. (and to conform to IPTC industry standards)

As many data fields as are required will be provided, and if required embedded IPTC data can be extracted and put into searchable data fields.

Ability to manage access/assign restrictions to users/hide items from certain users - so only select users can edit or delete, most will be able to upload only.

Yes - Trinity has a very flexible permissions structure.

Batch upload.

Yes. the batch upload form will be customised to your requirements with any data fields made mandatory if needed etc…

Back-up / recovery system.

Yes - please see iBase DAM hosting services

Key requirements - Online image library; Sharing digital media; Mutltimedia management; Picture library management; Managing digital photography; Marketing digital asset management

Required Functionality:

  • Registered users can log into the library to browse, view, download and tag or keyword files depending on their level of authority.
  • File uploads will be controlled by the Multimedia team to allow full control and a strict screening process of what is published.
  • Library to be able to be linked through the website, extranets or intranet, depending on the requirements for users.
  • Users will be able to register through the website, intranet or extranets at first and once their registration has been authorised by Multimedia, they will have instant access to the library.
  • Keyword and tag searches with suggestions for similar files and offering various formats.
  • Uniform 'look and feel' through the use of standard templates to match corporate design of the website / intranet.
  • All sections to feature automatic date embargo and archiving for time sensitive publishing, useful for communications managers briefing videos and PowerPoint presentations, press releases, news, and new product.
  • Document Metadata - To assist with searching for documents within the administration section of the site and to assist with search engine optimisation, each document supports title, meta-description and meta-keywords.
  • Audit trail - any additions, changes or deletions a user makes may be logged in the audit trail.
  • Controlled access for different users
  • Customised web user interface
  • E-commerce functionality
  • A simple to use, interactive and easy to access system
  • A reduction in operators time being used ineffectively i.e. time wasted on searching for photography
  • A guarantee that the photography being used has been agreed by all parties and is current
  • Essential information and expiry date to be captured and stored alongside each photograph i.e. copyright
  • A fast operating system which will display the required search quickly and not affect the operational speed of the users machine (i.e. previous systems have halted machine operations)
  • Store files/images in various formats
  • Share and publish files/images of all sizes
  • Expire and archive files/images when specified
  • Allow for detail to be inputted alongside each file/image i.e. copyright etc
  • Provide a simple and effective search engine
  • Easy to use, understand and access
  • Integrate with desktops and other internal systems where applicable
  • Affordable and value for money.

iBase Trinity digital asset management system meets all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Internal browser based image library; Digital rights management; Picture library management

The business case for the group image library has been made; it is seen as an open resource for group wide use offering (mostly) free to use images for internal business use, therefore:

  • saving staff time in tracking down material,
  • getting more use out of the content,
  • making savings because there will be less repeated commissioning
  • educating users on issues around rights management
  • improving the quality of imagery

The image library will be available on the intranet to all staff across the group. It will hold 10,000 images on launch but we anticipate it will grow quickly and steadily. It needs to be

  • robust
  • scalable
  • easy to administer
  • offer levels of access at the back end
  • hold a wide variety of image types - jpeg, bitmap, raw etc…
  • offer watermarking and date stamping
  • allow sophisticated (IPTC related) captioning but searchable across all metadata
  • run reports - most viewed/searched/downloaded etc…
  • a web based front end which can be customised to reflect the brand
  • an easily changed front page image/lightbox
  • bulk ingest/captioning etc…

After exploring it, we would like to enquire a few questions:

  • Can upload and stream mp4, mpeg, wmv, avi and other types of video formats?
  • Can we restrict folders such that only a certain group of users can upload to this folder?
  • Do you have a backend Administrator module which we can experiment?
  • And another module so that we can see how can users upload videos?

It sounds as though an iBase multimedia asset management system will be ideal for your requirements, and we look forward to talking to you and discussing further details.

Key requirements - Digital content management, Marketing asset library, Picture library management; Photo library software; Video media library; PDF library

Investigating a new image library for our 8000+ images. (If video clips and PDFs could be included that would be an added bonus).

This would primarily be for internal use, but it would definitely be an advantage if photographers could upload their images to the library themselves, and if our advertising agency could also access it to download images for adverts.

The ability to create folders and sub folders would be essential, as would the keyword and metadata and advanced search facilities that are mentioned on your website. I am particularly attracted to your product due to the fact that it is possible to customize the meta data fields.

Our IT department has not yet decided whether they would prefer a web based library that is hosted externally or one which we host ourselves on our server. There for could you give me the various price options for both.

We have a requirements for a server based, networked solution for image management.

  • The image collection currently stands at over 100,000 images and is growing.
  • We currently have over 100 people registered on our image database. We envisage needing at least 20 concurrent users licences for data entry and more for image retrieval.

The Library requires an image management system which will have the capacity to:

  • Store images and record their location within a consistent file structure;
  • Attach metadata to images;
  • Provide an interface through which images and their metadata can be viewed;
  • Enable users to identify if images of an item with a particular reference exist;
  • Enable users to identify if images of items relating to particular themes exist;

Further features might include the capacity to:

  • Generate a public interface, where selected items will be viewable online;
  • Enable the implementation of standards for the capture of images;
  • Include image viewing tools, including thumbnails, preview and delivery views, and zoom;
  • Include auditing and report tools, providing reports on the use of the collection.

An iBase Media asset management system will fulfil all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Mac support; Image library system; Online digital asset management; Photo library software

Hosting: Hosted by us

Access: Internal use and accessible to our external clients - design agencies and photographers and staff working offsite. Must be accessible to PC's and Mac's.

Asset types: Images and pdf's.

Volume: up to 10,000 assets.

Users: Multiple users, with different levels of access - uploading assets, creating metadata, edit metadata, view only, full download.

Uploading options: bulk uploading and ability to import existing metadata.

List of basic requirements:

  • Photo Library software
  • Externally facing (online) system
  • Mac and PC compatibility
  • Keyword searchable

iBase Trinity is browser based and fully supports both PCs and Macs. Flexible permissions features enable any user or group of users to be given rights to see and do whatever the system manager chooses.

Key requirements - Image library system; Image management software; Photo library

looking for a image library solution that will allow us to upload our image library in it's current state:

  • About 5000 images using around 150Gb
  • Some images are named but many images are un-named and are identified by the folder in which they are currently stored
  • There are a number of folders within folders.

Our aim is to make all images available to other parties with our consent, and for them to be accessed in the way we access them on our HDs ie. by the name of the folder that they are contained by. The reason for this is that to start trying to identify and name each image now would take forever.

We would then make sure that any new images uploaded to the library would then be named - to allow image searches to work on all new images uploaded to the library. The storage space would there fore need to grow as the library increased - if this is possible, as eventually the library could easily double in size over the next couple of years.

The iBase image library system is ideal for these requirements.

Key requirements - Multi-media digital asset management; Video storage; Video streaming; Photo library; Marketing asset management; Intranet based

We need an image library to store likely tens of thousands of images to be used in our research reports that we publish on our subscription based website and/or deliver to clients as part of events and training sessions. We need the ability to store photos, videos and other multi-media file formats.

  • To create one central photo library where images, video clips, artwork and logos can be stored.
  • To free space on the Marketing and Communications HDD.
  • To enable the entire business plus registered suppliers, members of the public and press to access and utilise the material.
  • Provide an extranet site that has the capacity to store large files including digital image files (up to 15MB), video clips, podcasts, artwork, logos, maps and power point presentations. These files will come in a variety of formats such as JPEG, EPS, TIFF and GIF
  • The system will be required to save large amounts of data, and will need to work efficiently without slowing down the computer network.
  • The system will enable approved users to upload and download the content at a fast speed.
  • Seamless integration with the intranet (people access the photo library through the intranet)
  • Thumb nail images can be viewed by anyone with access. Permission would be needed in order to download full size images.
  • Users will have the facility to compress files to reduce the size of the documents to speed up download times
  • There will be a 'quick search' and 'advanced search' function, which uses key words and phases to identify a file
  • Have an archive that is clearly labelled and easy to use
  • Provide training for key people involved in maintaining the photo library and enable the photo library to be maintained in-house
  • Ensure that the software is compatible with current systems being used by Group IT
  • Have an influence over the look and feel of the product so it matches the brand image
  • Ensure that the files are copy write protected and cannot be changed or modified once downloaded
  • Monitor the users access
  • A facility to set charges for downloading if required
  • Email notification once the file has been downloaded to monitor activity
  • Collate all of the images from around the company.
  • Filter through the images, deleting any bad quality and out of date images
  • Sort and scan any hard copies of old photographs or slides
  • Upload agreed images onto library

iBase multi-media asset management software will fulfil all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Video and image library management system; PCs and Macs; Access level control; Keyword search

  • There needs to be a storage system for both images and video footage
  • Easy management of the system
  • Keyword search facility
  • Low, Medium and High Resolution versions of each image
  • Access levels and authorization
  • Release form for all images need to be stored with each image? This is not mandatory
  • Third party access
  • Available for both PC and Mac users

Yes, all of these requirements are met by the iBase digital asset management system.

Key requirements - Online image library software; Online ordering; PDF and video support; AD integration; Video asset management; Mac and PC

Primarily we will need to be able have a library of hires images (jpeg / tiff) but if it is also possible to include PDFs and movie clips this might become an option for us in the future.

I am looking for software to manage photos on my company intranet, does your software offer the ability to authenticate using a user's active directory account (single sign on)?

We are looking at implementing an asset management system which will allow our clients to securely access the video assets that we hold for them. If I can briefly give you an overview of the functionality sought then I'm sure we can quickly decide which options are both achievable and affordable!

We currently host several client project folder trees which contain full HD quality masters, ranging from 100mB to 5GB in size. Within these folders are nestled other folders which may be split into country specific folders, containing audio files, pdf's etc…

We would like certain clients to have access to the whole of their project folder and others access to specified folders e.g. Main client sees the whole project but client B only sees client B folder etc. Within these folders we'd like the client to be able to browse and play both audio and video clips in either a .wmv or .mov format, hence viewable on pc and apple devices. Now if this means we have to provide the various transcoded media then that's not a major problem but a nice feature if they're automatically created when the file is uploaded.

In addition to this browse view, we would also like a means of the client ordering clips at higher resolution simply by providing confirmation and possibly a p.o. number (No requirement for e-commerce payments). Also it would be good to have a notes section for this form, such that they could provide remote ftp details for us along with any other additional file requirements.

There are lots of small features that would be handy, such as the client being able to leave notes on a clip that is work in progress, such as what work needs to be done before they'll approve it, along with a means of them being able to tell the timecode within to the clip at which this work needs to be done.

All of these requirements are supported by the iBase digital multi-media asset system.

Key requirements - Online local newspaper archive; Online photo archive

We have two particular 'collections' which we are hoping to make more widely available.

The first is an index to local newspapers. This is currently on cards in several cabinets. The actual information on the cards has a pretty simple structure - no headings, just one or more lines of text, a source (name of newspaper, date, and often a page no, and a column number. And that is it. the number of cards is difficult to estimate, but it is likely that it is something between 500,000 and 1,000,000.

What we would like is to convert this to electronic form, and make it available online to members of the public wherever they may be.

We have made a start on converting the records to electronic form, and currently about 75,000 records have been created.

We have a collection of local photographs (about 35,000) , and a fairly detailed index to those photographs. We have made a start on digitising the photos, and also converting the index to electronic form.

We are looking at setting up a project to convert the newspaper index completely to electronic form, and similarly to convert the photo index. It would be sensible to have the option of as and when we digitise the photos to add them so that relevant index entries link to a given photo.

The proposed project can be fully supported by our online digital image and text system.

Key requirements - Digital asset management; Online library; Video managemment; E-commerce; Batch upload; Watermarking

We're looking for an enterprise solution that is developed using PHP with a MySQL database and meets the following criteria:

Main Functions (necessary)

  • Complex Tagging
  • Uploading (batch)
  • Powerful search capabilities

Secondary Functions

  • User albums/folders
  • Cart/Basket feature
  • Different User levels/accounts
  • Statistics
  • Photo watermarking
  • Photo editing functions
  • Video management

All of these requirements are supported by the iBase Digital Asset Management system.

Key requirements - Browser based; Central control; Image Library system; Digital Asset Management Software

We are upgrading our Intranet and looking for a local Image Library system that can be intelligently browsed, with central control over download permissions following user request for an image download. Lots of keywords, title, photo size and other attributes, size in kb, photographer acknowledgment, permission history, watermarks etc.

We are looking for a customizable on line digital asset management application. The main use of the program will be to have our customers access drawings, images and finale artwork via the web. Said application will be on our internal network.

  • Mac and Windows Clients
  • Rich Web Client Options
  • Adobe Flash, Java, Microsoft Silverlight
  • Live Filtering Of Search Results
  • Asset and System Usage Evaluation
  • Usage Statistics Reporting
  • Categories For Organizations
  • User Defined Categories
  • File Relations Tracking
  • Asset Cross Tracking - Like Embedded Images Or link
  • File Rating and Labeling
  • Star Based Field
  • Built-In User Commenting
  • Print to PDF, Even Without Acrobat
  • Contact Sheet Thumbnail Printing
  • Print Template As A Contact Sheet
  • Open Files In Editing Applications
  • Integrated Image Processing (crop, blur, etc.)
  • Enhanced Support for MS Office, Open Office and iWork
  • Enhanced Support For RAW Files
  • Enhanced Support For RTF and HTML Files
  • Status Management Tracking
  • IPTC/EXIF/XMP Support
  • Write-Back Metadata To Files
  • Open/Search Multiple Catalogues In One Window
  • Create, Save and Share Collections (Light Box)
  • On Line Help
  • Multi-Threaded Cataloging and Metadata Assignment
  • Search Queries: Save and Share
  • Find Off Line Files
  • Palette Mode Window
  • Slide Shows and Web Albums
  • Drop and Drag Category Assignments
  • Drag and Drop Files Into Other Apps
  • On-The-Fly Format Conversion
  • ColorSync, ICM, and Little CMS Support
  • Multi-Page Previews
  • Email Original Or Low-Res Assets
  • Built-In Image Watermarking and Noise Addition
  • Processing Actions: Save and Share
  • File Repurposing
  • PDF Job Ticket Support
  • OPI and DCS File Support
  • Auto-Cataloging Via "Drop Folder," Scheduler, Or Helios Companion
  • Catalog Assets Via Email
  • Metadate Templates to "Rubber Stamp" Metadata
  • Version Control and Check-In / Out
  • Live Filtering (Dynamic, Rules-Based Permissions)
  • Publish / Access Files Over The Web

Most of these requirements are supported by the iBase Digital Asset Management system.

Key requirements - Cross platform; Online digital image asset management; Photo library

Does it work on a virtual server?

Yes, a virtual server is fine.

Does it work cross platform - with library manager on Mac and general users on PC?

Yes, Trinity is a browser based system and is fine for browsers on PCs or Macs.

Can the images be stored on a separate server to the one which the users have access to?

Yes, the images can be stored wherever required, so long as Trinity can 'see' them in a network sense.

Is it possible to limit the rights of internal users e.g. no right to download without requesting images from an admin and what size images they can a) access and b) download?

Yes, Trinity has very comprehensive permissions features, enabling user roles to be set up giving access to whatever records and features - such as upload, edit, download etc… are required.

Can images be given expiry dates / linked to model photo consent forms with expiry dates?

Yes, although not standard, a mechanism for alerting of expiry dates could be added. As standard the photo model consent form (say a PDF, Word doc etc… can also be associated with the image if required.

Key requirements - Online image library; brand asset management online; Tagging; Bulk upload

Are these requirements covered by your platform?

  • A login interface: the user has to apply to my client for a username to even view the library. They would set up and provide the UN themselves and provide it to the user.
  • All the images must be watermarked when viewing comps. (I could do this via batch-processing in P.Shop if you don't offer it as standard). The user then puts their requested images into a 'shopping cart' or equivalent, and once they have ticked a box saying they agree to our T and Cs they can download them straight away. This is probably the most important feature since we need it to be self-administering as far as possible. There is no cost attached to the downloads.
  • We need some sort of bulk-upload feature, and search facility. Tagging would be useful.
  • We need to be able to present the images in category galleries. Ultimately, I'd ask that it was possible for the same image to be assigned to more than one gallery, but appreciate this may not be possible.
  • It would need to support some sort of clear branding possibilities.

Yes, the Trinity online library system supports all of these features.

Key requirements - Corporate image library; Local hosting; Marketing department; Flexible field structure; IPTC metadata; Unlimited users

We are looking for an application for our own corporate images. We would require a search engine function and for it to be accessible to employees in numerous different location, but possibly only able to download from the bank with certain user privileges etc? We have a large company here with several different divisions and are looking to manage our images in an online format (hosted locally) for the use of the marketing department but also being able to be viewed by other staff to search for certain images etc…


  • Are fields, and the layout of them, customisable (if the default is not to your needs/liking)?
  • Can fields be tailored to handle measurement?
  • Can you programme a field to make a calculation (for example, taking a metric measurement figure from one field and then showing it in imperial in another?)
  • Did you say the system can handle mathematical fractions? (I'm thinking of Imperial weights and measures)

Photoshop data

  • Can the system pick up 'file info' /catalogue data from Photoshop files?
  • Is there a maximum file size for stills?


Can you point me to some examples of working web sites which are using ibase for the previewing and sale of stills and or movies?

Graphics files

Is ibase able to handle graphics files, namely Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop (layered files) and RAW?

Stills and graphics files

  • I could be interested in ibase for managing a collection of stills and graphics files on a small internal network. If there were say 5 users, what would the cost of the software be?
  • We currently have around 5,000 images taking 2.2GB of space, however this is likely to grow and these are not high-res versions of the photos. I would like a library which can be accessed from all our sites and that is also hosted.

Mandatory Requirements

  • The system must be accessible for up to 450 users and unlimited external users. It is however envisaged that the actual number of internal users will be far lower than full 450 quoted. Bidders should be aware of this when proposing costs for any proposed software.
  • The solution must be able to run with the Windows 7 operating system and be able to import the existing JPEG archive of around 20,000 files (currently approx. 32 GB) and retain the existing IPTC metadata associated with each JPEG file. The intention is to continue using MS products and upgrade to Windows 10.
  • The archive expands by approx. 2500 images a year. The solution must be able to support this on-going expansion.
  • At least three staff members with administrative rights for the proposed photographic software. Administrators should be able to upload images to the archive, delete images from the archive, edit IPTC metadata, set up and edit metadata templates. They should also be able to control level of access to individual and groups of files. The administrators should be able to control user and group level access and set access levels for external users.
  • The administrators should be capable of creating group level access. For example certain offices may have access to specific photos whilst others don't.
  • The software should be able to be used without the need for high IT skills.
  • The software should be accessible from a network. Software should not need to be installed on individual workstations.
  • When importing /adding new images to the archive associated metadata should be able to be edited via customisable metadata templates, in batches and on individual files. IPTC/XMP metadata added to files from third party photo editing software (i.e.Photoshop / Photo Mechanic) should be able to be imported and read by the solution without modification.
  • The archive should be secure and fully searchable using, IPTC/XMP content searches, image orientation, filename and image size. It would be desirable for custom searched to be created by individual users or at a group level.
  • Searches should return results in an easily viewable image thumbnail format. It would be desirable for individual users to set the size of the image thumbnails.
  • Users must be able to create shareable lightboxes, these should be able to be shared with external users, it would be desirable for external users to be able to access the content of the lightbox without requiring a specific logon.
  • When downloading / exporting files from the archive users must have the option to resize the image for different uses i.e. for website, for email transmission, large print etc. The size of these outputs must be customisable.
  • Importing and exporting images via FTP should be supported.
  • Technical support should be available via telephone as a minimum from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

The iBase Digital Asset Management system is a very good fit for these requirements.

Key requirements - Digital asset management; Image management; Video management; Organise multi-media digital assets; Browser based

A digital asset management as a solution to use as a library to their images and large videos. Currently, all images and videos are saved on file shares and scattered all over the network, the plan is to consolidate all these images and videos in one repository and use it across the company.

  • Can iBase Trinity save large videos?
  • liIs it web based?
  • Can system access and permission be integrated with Active directory?
  • How are images saved on iBase Trinity? Is it a SQL Server, Oracle etc?
  • Is there an online demo, a user/admin guide I can check please?
  • Can the metadata be configured? And can it be categorised? If the metadata can be configured, does it have to be done by one of your programmers?

This is the metadata they are planning to have:

Electronically available from the file :

  • format (one of "JPEG", "PNG", "GIF" or "BMP")
  • version (currently only used for GIF, i.e. "89a")
  • width (width of image in pixels)
  • height (height of image in pixels)
  • bpp (bits per pixel, i.e. 8, 16, 24, etc)
  • alpha (true if alpha channel is present, only for PNGs)
  • mimeType (the mime type sent by the server)
  • byteSize (the image size in bytes as reported by the server)
  • exif (an object containing EXIF tag data, if present. Only for JPEGs)
Date taken
Mandatory. Should already be in the EXIF for JPG files. To provide context and aid catalogue searching.
Photo permission
Mandatory. Key information for images with recognisable people. A release form is required before these images can be used/sold for wider consumption. Values should be one of : "Not required", "Permission required", "Permission Granted", "Permission Refused".
File size
Mandatory, could indicate a pixel resolution or printed size at 300dpi
Quality star rating
Mandatory, default value zero stars. Images are likely to be a mixture of qualities, some excellent for large poster design, others for web use only. This star rating runs from zero stars to five star to provide an indication of image quality.
Mandatory. Self explanatory
Optional. Self explanatory
Optional. Any additional background, purpose and context for the image, why it was taken and what it is. This could be combined with Description (see above)
Comprises two optional fields, name and date. For some older images validation by an individual may be required to ensure the image context is indeed correct. Especially important for images we might like to sell.
Designated for sale
Mandatory flag Yes/No, default "No". Images of value we may like to sell must not be allowed to escape into the wild or given away. Users must be aware of the difference between a general image collection with relaxed usage rights and specific examples that are being exploited for commercial value.
Optional to indicate the image has been watermarked and therefore can be freely distributed and used on the web.
X archive image
Mandatory flag, yes/No, default "No". How any asset interacts with the X image archive needs to be further considered. A further key/reference such as submission id may be required to link the two image repositories.
Colour Space
Optional to indicate model used e.g. RGB, CMYK.
Optional - a range of keywords to assist searching. We may need a specific picklist to enforce usage of correct keywords and this could get more complex.
Optional by-line or credit for the photographer/source.
  • The customer would like to have one person to publish new photos, so a user should be able to load a new photo but won't get published until authorised by whoever has permission to do so. Is there a facility within the package to allow loading of images and videos be control and managed? And how much would it cost?
  • Can the look and feel be changed to match the client's branding? Can it be done by any programmer or does it have to be one of your programmers? What is the daily rate of your programmers please?
  • Is there an import/export of images functionality?
  • Does it support keyword search and search filters?
  • Is iBase Trinity extensible, maintainable and extensible?

Yes, the iBase Digital Asset Management system supports almost all of these requirements as standard, and a small amount of customisation will address all of them.

Key requirements - Video metadata; Sharing digital media; Managing digital assets; Digital asset management software; Picture library software


Does your product/solution:

Support audio material

Yes - any with a standard MIME type

Support video material

Yes - any with a standard MIME type

Accept media in a variety of popular formats

Yes - any with a standard MIME type

Provide a simple user layout for upload

Allow upload of files in batches

Yes - configurable to requirements


Does your product/solution:

Provide a management front end


Allow the management of files in batches


Provide tools for batch-editing of metadata


Enable categorisation of material by department, faculty or broad subject area


Import any existing metadata for resources being transferred in

Yes - e.g. from standard formats such as .csv, Excel, Access, tab delimited etc…

Enable the ability to track who accesses files

Yes - a full audit trail is available

Have the ability to log usage


Have the ability to produce statistics

Yes - custom reports can be created to requirements

Support an appropriate, established metadata schema

Yes - any required metadata schema will be supplied

Store administrative and technical metadata


Store descriptive metadata


Enable a suitable controlled metadata vocabulary to ensure consistency


Allow a 'minimum requirement' set of core metadata and enforce entry

Yes - any field can be set as mandatory

Produce an easily searchable catalogue


Index selected metadata fields for user searching/browsing


Export metadata for harvesting into other databases


Have the ability to control access to media via LDAP



Does your product/solution:

Allow the user to choose the quality of encoded material


Support streaming audio


Support streaming video


Support downloading audio


Support downloading video


Support favourites



Does your product/solution:

Run on Unix, Linux or Solaris OS


Support load balancing


Key requirements - DAM; Image library software; Photo management software; Stock photo library; Cloud digital asset management

My company is currently considering DAM software, and I was wondering if you could provide some details about your software. What we're specifically looking for is a system that could manage a growing portfolio of images that we would be getting from stock photos sources and media kits as well as some internal sources. What we need is a solution to allow our multiple users on our internal network to simultaneously search, upload and catalog (i.e. add metadata) these images. Since some users may only be using this system on an occasionally basis, a web interface would probably be best and something easy to use (and remember) would be crucial.

No problem, iBase Trinity will fulfil all of your requirements.

Key requirements - Digital image database system; Online searching; Picture library software

I am looking into creating an image library for the hundreds of images we have collected from these different applications. I need to create some sort of a database that allows anyone in the company to search by keywords, resolution, application etc.

The iBase Trinity digital asset management system is the ideal solution for this.

Key requirements - Digital repository; Graphics files; Digital asset management system; Controlled access; Global access; Multiple platforms

1 Problem - There are two separate repositories of fairly large graphics files and proposals. They are being accessed by personnel across large geographic boundaries, and from multiple computing platforms.

  • a. Solution - We need to provide for a common storage point that allows for 'reasonable' access times and cross-platform accessibility.
  • b. Impact on the Firm's primary voice and data network cannot be compromised.

2 Problem - management needs a system whereby work requests can be globally received and acted upon with some type work assignment workflow system.

  • a. Solution - Use a workflow system that incorporates the file storage, and allows for work requests to be either directly assigned. Alternatively, items could be prioritized in a queue, and the next available resource would pick up the request.

3 Problem - In an attempt to respond to client proposals, or simply attempt to pitch the business, inconsistent or unapproved materials are often used.

  • a. Solution - There is an added requirement for a digital asset system. This system would provide controlled access to authorized/approved marketing materials, as part of a 'self-serve' system that guarantees any materials that go out have consistent branding which has been approved.

iBase digital asset management software is a good fit for your requirements.

Key requirements - Scalable digital asset management; Batch upload; Video library and medtadata; Advanced search

Here are a few criteria that we have in mind…

  • Web-based
  • customizable catalog based on taxonomies and collections.
  • Auto import EXIF, IPTC, XMP etc ...
  • Customizable workspace allow users to share resources and catalogs
  • Scalale by adding additional servers
  • Support Oracle Database
  • Support SSL
  • Customizable Permission by users, group ,privilege (download allow, or small scale)
  • Customizable Simple Search, Advanced Search, hidden filter search
  • Custom meta data
  • Batch Upload with Auto meta data settings
  • Tracking the resource visits
  • Support Video, pictures, pdf
  • Archiving process
  • In-Basket

No problem, the iBase web based digital brand management system supports all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Digital asset management solution; Digital image library; PC and Mac; Sharing digital media

Problem Buyer Needs to Solve: Looking for a bare bones digital asset management solution with the primary function to house and categorize all digital image assets.

Requirements: Need to store and categorize images. They also need search capabilities and the ability to share images with users to see what the asset choices are. They will have 3 administrators and 8-10 other users.

Current Software: Have both Windows and Mac computer operating systems and would need compatibility with both.

Hosted/Installed: Either

iBase Trinity supports all of these requirements as standard.

Key requirements - Online Image Library Management; Branded digital asset management; Digital marketing assets; Controlled access

We are interested in using your system for a client that needs an online Image Library Management tool for its vendors to log in and download marketing art work and brochures for sales. I would like to discuss some of the features in your system to make sure it can handle what we need.

We do not want something custom built, however, we need to host our brand assets and images in a central depository that can be used by third parties to download logos, templates and images etc. We would also like the digital asset management section skinned with our branding. Finally, is there an option for tiered access to the above, for example, users log on with a password and get access to approved assets etc.

Yes. Our digital asset management product iBase Trinity fulfils these requirements.

Key requirements - Digital Media Manager; Image Library; Organize Images; Multiple Users

We have a client looking for a Digital Media Manager out of the box solution with the following minimum features:

  • An easy-to-use, searchable and secured image library
  • Needs to follow client's branding (ie. needs to be skin-able)
  • Images organized in specific folders
  • Ability to search images by keywords and date
  • Interface with thumbnails views (automatic/dynamic), pagination, high resolution and multiple formats download options
  • Image details to include (date of upload, end date of usage, location, size) and guidelines of how to use the images.
  • Base no. of users: 50 max
  • User Access Level: 3-5 Max
  • Storage: 20GB +

iBase Trinity fulfils all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Global Image Library; Media Management Software; Image Archive Software; Online Multimedia Library

Objective / Functionality: Image library for use by client employees globally. Library to feature thumbnails of each image that can then be viewed or downloaded in high res. Do you typically handle creation of the thumbnail images if we provide the full high res files?

iBase Trinity automatically create thumbnails, preview and larger sizes as required during the upload process.

  • Each image will be titled and tagged with a number combination for identification.
  • Can the image library interface be branded with the client's creative? What level of customization is possible here? Could we provide you with a design for the site pages, basically a "skin" that would cover your library interface?

Basic things like the banner, home page content, plain text pages etc... can be easily done by the you or your client, or we can do it for you.

image library should also be searchable, so will need search functionality and images will also need to be keyword-tagged. would you do the keyword tagging? would the client have the opportunity to have input on this process?

If it's in there it can be found!

Individual users will not need admin capabilities (i.e. the ability to upload or tag images); only download. Can certain "super users" have the ability to upload, or how does that typically work?

Tagging is normally carried out by whoever is uploading the image, which is usually our client. If there's useable metadata embedded in the original images that can be automatically copied into searchable fields during the upload process.

Access: Password-protected either with unique logins for all users or with one generic UN/PW to be shared amongst users. Is there a cost difference here for 1 login vs. many? Is there a maximum # of users?

Yes, each user or groups of users can be given permissions to do as much or as little as you want. There are no cost implications of multiple logins, number of users, or number of items in the database.

File Formats: JPG and PDF only

Any file with a MIME type is supported, certainly including jpeg and pdf. If required Trinity will create a thumb and reference sized image of the first page of a pdf.

Setup / Support: How long does setup typically take? What sort of ongoing customer support do you offer?

A standard system can be set-up within a few days.

Key requirements - Image Asset Management; DAM Software; Image Archive Software; Image Management System

  • A system that would integrate well with a Windows Server infrastructure.
  • Ability to integrate with Active Directory and assign DAM permissions based on users' AD group membership. For example, if a user is removed from one of the groups in AD (but not necessarily completely removed from AD), it would be preferable that the permissions be updated on the DAM side automatically without a need to remove that user manually from corresponding user group in the DAM.
  • Support for taxonomy and hierarchical classification based on metadata
  • Extensive support for custom branding and design of the user web front-end.
  • Ability to upload/catalogue a large number of files in one batch, applying a pre-defined set of metadata to each file in the batch automatically.
  • A system that could automatically produce several downsized versions of an uploaded image file, still preserving the original larger image.
  • Ability to search for assets based on the users who uploaded them and creation date.

The iBase Trinity DAM system fulfils all of these requirements.

Key requirements - Multi Media Management Software; Browser Based; Video Library; Digital Content Management

The problem that we have is this: here we have 27,000 media files (jpg, jpeg, bmp, mov, wmv, tif, etc) in one centralized folder on a network server. We have 15 users that work with these files and the maximum file's size it's 10MB for images and 50MB for videos. The file's amount increase everyday and the new images are cataloging in folder's categories and sub-categories.

There is no inherent software limit to the number of users, records, or file sizes. As many users as you require can be working on the database concurrently.

Also, I want to know if Trinity will work with a shared database for 15 users in real time, how much time delayed to see the images when a user upload? . Can I do categories and subcategories for cataloging that files and rating filters?. It's only browser based software?, no client software?. Does it have e-mail notifications?, we need to know what new images was added per other users on the database or catalog. How it's the file's upload? Can I upload more than 10 files?

Trinity is browser based and can be used without any client applications. However, the easiest option for uploading needs Flash Player V9 or later installed on the machine being used for uploads. There is an alternative upload method which doesn't need Flash or any other client applications.

Trinity can be hosted on any suitable server, or we can host if for you.

As many files can be uploaded at a time as you wish, and there are options to include any metadata common to each batch at the time of upload, which means it only needs to be entered once for the batch and not for each individual file.

A structured multi-level hierarchy of categories can be created, with as many sub-levels as required. We can show you examples of these.

Yes, emails can be generated from within Trinity.

iBase Trinity maintains a full and detailed audit trail of every action carried out, including 'who added what' as you mention.

Key requirements - DAM Systems; Press Image Library; Sharing Digital Media; Brand Management Software

At the moment the images are on our server and have been added to over the years so it's very untidy. They are also not named well and mostly don't have any metadata or keywords. We think there are around 2,000 images.

The point of the exercise is really so both we and the client know what they have and we create a searchable database so it's easy to find the right image. They also get requests for images from the press so they'd need to be able to search for those.

As they are not allowed by copyright to sell the images there's no requirement for a traditional online photolibrary, but it might make sense to host the images offsite so we and they can access them.

Also, it may be useful to give other people access to download the original hires files but only with a password - is this possible?

I am trying to establish whether any of your digital asset management solutions allows the 'easy' handling of hardcopy material such as books as well as of digital assets. Many - indeed, most - digital asset management software packages seem to assume that what you are cataloguing is always a digital asset. Typically, they force you to begin the cataloguing process but uploading the digital asset. I am looking for something that is not only a good digital asset management system but is also flexible enough to allow a catalogue record to be created (for a physical object that has not and will not be digitised) 'without' forcing a link to a digital asset. Do you have any products that allow this?

We have a small staff ranging between 4-7 collaborators working on various operating systems during production. We are seeking a robust, easily searchable digital archive (IPTC meta-data) with remote access capability that can manage images, videos, audio files, word files, and layout files. We need the ability to manage permissions for staff, freelancers, and one time upload users.

iBase Trinity digital asset management software fulfils all of these requirements.

Key requirements - DAM System; Media Management Software; Picture Library Management Software; Digital content management

In general, the main purpose of the DAM system is to make it easy to work with digital assets. Some users will work very often with digital assets and need to perform advanced tasks. Other users may just occasionally need to view some assets. Therefore, it is important the DAM system has an easy user interface which is suitable for the occasional and advanced user. Also the DAM system will provide asset information for external users, mainly via the website. The main requirements for browsing through digital assets, searching and viewing are stated in this section.


The DAM system should offer user an easy way of browsing and viewing assets and asset properties. For instance, browsing through collections, sub-collections and other folders by a tree-hierarchy, setting a filter or alternatively, querying by a simple search entry (like Google). Useful features for presenting browse and search results on screen are:

  • Presenting object and asset-properties at one glance. Dense presentation of asset properties is important because there is a lot of meta-data.
  • Switch between pre configured screen layouts, for instance optimised for viewing large selection lists or search results, overview of object-folders. Thumbnails of assets should always be visible. Vary the amount of asset properties visible, choose font size, select presentation form (list, thumbnails, detailed list, tiles etc.). Thus varying between detailed view of specific assets to overviews showing a lot of assets at one glance.
  • Quickly resizing thumbnail size.
  • When browsing, the DAM system should follow object hierarchy For instance: when one object is selected, all thumbnails of child objects are immediately shown.
  • When viewing child-objects, properties of the parent object should be visible. For instance:
    • properties like 'title' and 'artist' will only be available at parent object level.
    • Long lists (e.g. search results) should be presented in a scroll list.
  • General:
    • When viewing, assets and asset properties must be protected against unintended modifications.
    • When viewing, several users should be able to access the same asset at the same time.
    • The thumbnail of the preferable image quality should always be shown.


The DAM system should allow for easy and advanced search functions. Simple search means search by keywords to match any asset property (like Google). Advanced search means query by criteria at field level, query by example or fuzzy search (correlations), and tags. Users may search for assets by various entries like collection, object ID, artist, theme, year of creation, exhibition etc. For searching, the following is important for the museum users:

  • Child objects inherit properties from parent objects and should also show up in query results.
  • The DAM system should allow to set filters either to select or exclude assets by asset properties like category, asset type, file type, collection, theme, etc.
  • The DAM system should enable configurable pre-defined queries.
  • Logical search operands must be available to combine search criteria via boolean operators,allow wildcards, truncate (from both ends of field content), include or exclude case sensitivity etc.
  • Search definitions and results should be stored for future use at user level. After that it must be possible to save selections, to export the selection list to other users and other systems and vice versa and to make modifications upon these selections by merging selections,delete marked fields from existing selections and add records.
  • It is required that existing selections can be refreshed/updated and that search criteria can be saved.
  • Bundle related assets in a container or folder. For instance: all images, audio stops, multimedia files, documents regarding a specific collection object should be presented in one folder. Other containers may be an exhibition, a theme, a publication, an event, a research or conservation project. A user should be able to define theme and selection.
  • For text documents (Word, PDF's) full text search should be supported.
  • For time based media, specific fragments specific fragments should be searchable.

Web based user interface

The internal users should have access to the system from any location. Therefore, a web-based application is preferable over a thick client. The interface should support web standards. No installation should be required in clients' pc's.

The iBase Trinity digital asset management sysytem fulfils almost all of these requirements as standard, and the remainder with minor customisation.

Key requirements - Video metadata; Video Archive Software; Video Asset Management Software; Image Management; Media Asset Management

  • Support all common image file formats and support a variety of digital video formats, such as AVI and MPEG.
  • Allow full tracking and management of images, including copyright information and image metadata.
  • Allow organisation of images into galleries and folders.
  • Automatically generate thumbnails to allow image preview and full size images for viewing, including automatic watermarking of preview images. We also expect that the end users will wish to sell some of the images we own via a website, so some form of sales front end, and the ability to tag which images are for sale and which are not would be required
  • Provide the ability to search the full collection by keyword, including wildcard searches.
  • Provide password based access to the image collection, and allow different levels of access to images based on user profile. This includes access to images via the intranet and internet.
  • Provide a simply, user friendly interface

The iBase Trinity video and image would be ideal for these requirements.

Key requirements - Image Library Software; Media Asset Management; Media Management Software; Digital Asset Management

Which Platforms can be supported (Windows, Macintosh)?

Has Web Client?

Which file formats can support (Image, Document, Audio-Video)?

Can support Watermarking?

Searching can be based on multiple assets?

Can support automated asset migration?

Can be hosted or supports a hosted solution?

Does iBase have the ability to display copyright limitations with Image?

Can iBase provide global access for Administrators?

Does iBase have the Capability to add disclaimer(s)?

Does iBase have the ability to upload multiple images including metadata tagging?

Do search results on iBase appear as thumbnails / picture previews?

Does iBase have the ability to download multiple images?

All of these requirements and features area available with the iBase Trinity digital asset management system.