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Enterprise features as standardiBase Trinity comes with all these features - and more - at no additional cost

✓ Once only licence payment - no further charges

✓ Unlimited users

✓ Unlimited number of digital assets

✓ Deployment with iBase hosting or in your location

✓ One to one online training

✓ Integration of geo co-ordinates with Google maps

✓ Open access or password login


✓ Organisational units

✓ LDAP integration

✓ Fully comprehensive searching

✓ Boolean operators for quick and advanced search

✓ Multiple light-boxes / saved selections

✓ Unlimited capacity & scalability

✓ Upload any file, even 1080p HD video

✓ Multi-level security

✓ Order authorisation without online payment

✓ Keyword / Tag / Subject hierarchy

✓ E-commerce with PayPal

✓ Up to 100GB free hosting with iBase for one year

✓ Page by page view of documents, including PDFs

✓ Map embedded image metadata from EXIF,IPTC,XMP

✓ Print templates

✓ Powerful download options

✓ Administration of registered users

✓ Google style fuzzy searching

✓ Email links and thumbs

✓ Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc

✓ Feedback from users

✓ Item relationships

✓ Search engine optimised

✓ Image zoom technology

✓ Federated searching

✓ Watermarking as required

✓ Full audit trail for system managers

✓ Duplicate file name detection option