As we cruise into the last month of 2021, it's a good time to pause, look back, and reflect on the previous months, and the various changes that have had an impact on businesses during the course of the year.  

Covid has, of course, continued to prompt some major alterations to the way we live and work. But there have also been other impacts too – such as the blooming popularity of video marketing.

Read on to discover three significant changes that have taken place in 2021, which will continue to affect the way we do business into the New Year.

1. The rise of hybrid working

One of the ways in which Covid-19 continues to have a significant effect on our lives is through the new methods we have had to adopt to keep working. While remote working was initially enforced due to the importance of having to lock down, we have not yet returned to 'business as usual'.

Hybrid working has quickly become widespread, allowing people to spend some time in the office, and some time carrying out their tasks from home. Remote communication tools have made this easier to do, as company meetings can be held online, and tasks can be assigned through helpful office management apps.

The continuing spread of Covid-19 has meant that many workers are keen to stick to the hybrid model going into 2022, due to fears about their health and safety.

If your company has adopted hybrid working, one of the tools you can use to help your business run more efficiently is digital asset management software. This sophisticated software system allows your workers to access your company's assets from home and easily upload, download, edit, categorise, store and share files, without losing or duplicating them.

2. Video marketing rises to prominence

As we have recently explored, video marketing has become a highly popular way of advertising products and services in 2021, with potential customers more likely to learn about an item via a video than by reading text.

As a result, more businesses have begun investing in this form of marketing, creating eye-catching and informative videos to boost sales.

However, text marketing has certainly not had its day, and the increased cost of video marketing means that striking a balance between the two is probably the best option for companies with more limited budgets and equipment.  

3.  Putting the focus on flexibility

Since the first appearance of Covid two years ago, something we have all come to realise time and again is that flexibility is important when it comes to life – and business. The rise of new variants, such as Delta and, most recently, Omicron, has taught us that we will have to continue to be adaptable, as new restrictions and lockdowns will probably come and go.

Investing in ahigh-quality DAM software system has helped countless business get through 2021unscathed. It helps you run your business effectively, despite the ebb and flow of these restrictions and the measures you have to take to meet them.

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