Multimedia Library

Serve your clients better by collating various types of your media files on a single page for easy access

What is a multimedia library?

A multimedia library is a large collection of images, videos, sounds files and / or documents which require basic indexing and search operations in order to be managed. Embedded metadata which is contained in each file is mapped to associated metadata fields allowing it to be indexed and associated with the correct original files.

Keyword search and filtering

Filter search results by file type, keywords, categories, and countless metadata fields you determine.

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Approval process control

Manage your digital assets easier with workflow approvals, access permissions, and expiration dates.

Secure file sharing

Rest easy knowing you can share images and videos securely using secure web portals and download links.

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Outside portals

Make your digital assets available to outside parties through customised access portals for branded viewing of important assets.

Anytime, anywhere access

Access your digital assets through desktops, tablets or mobile, so you can view assets in-office, out-of-office or on-the-go.

Usage reporting & analytics

Run reports based on file downloads, sharing history, user activity and image usage.

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