Marketing Asset Management

Stay in control of branded content

iBase gives brand managers an all-in-one tool to control all stages of the branded content lifecycle. Brand automation with review and versioning allows your company to optimise all areas of marketing asset management.

Scale your marketing department globally

iBase automates content creation processes and reduces the time to market of marketing materials, making it easier to scale up global branding efforts. With iBase reporting features, you can measure the impact of your branded content, and focus on content that works.

Achieve end to end consistency

The creation of locally-relevant specific content is automated thanks to smart templates that allow marketeers personalise existing branded content, meaning that materials can be adapted to local demands while ensuring brand consistency on a global scale. This in turn is applied to localised search engine optimisation to maximise your SEO results. Brand identity guidelines provide internal and external team members with a central platform for all brand assets and elements. In iBase's creative project management you can review and approve assets.

100% control and flexibility over all your marketing processes

Create, review and approve new marketing collateral that is 100% in line with your corporate identity and collaborate on a global scale.