London Picture Archive

The London Picture Archive provides quick and easy access to large areas of the wonderful visual collections at London Metropolitan Archives and Guildhall Art Gallery. It invites visitors to explore the collections using a range of enquiry points. They can then view high quality images of the works on screen, read information about them and order colour prints and digital files.

Digital image library and archives

The London Picture Archive contains over 250,000 photographs, prints and drawings as well as over 1,000 maps from London Metropolitan Archives. It is a constantly growing collection, with new material being added every week.

The London Picture Archive is visited by a huge array of casual users, researchers, academics, media outlets and creative industries. Its rich and diverse content spanning hundreds of years of London history make it an idea resource for anyone wanting to discover more about or represent London through the ages.

Recently updated to take advantage of the constant improvements in technology, the London Picture Archive offers the user multiple ways to interact with its content, including:

  • London Picture Map
  • Virtual galleries
  • Search by artists, people, subject and places
  • Best sellers and highlights
  • High resolution images with pan and scan
  • Gallery touch screen for viewing and ordering prints
  • Online ordering of prints and digital files
  • Rights-managed licencing of images

The London Picture Archive has appeared on both the ITV and BBC news programmes, as well as in several national newspapers including a special feature in The Guardian.

The service we receive from the iBase support team in maintaining and developing our image management system and website is effective and responsive. Their friendly and helpful approach to problem solving is very much appreciated.

London Metropolitan Archives (City of London)
City of London Guildhall Library and Art Gallery using iBase Picture Library System City of London Guildhall Library and Art Gallery using iBase Picture Library System