Janssen are a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson, and they use iBase digital asset management systems to manage the branding guidelines and associated digital assets for a number of their products.

Brand Asset Management for Pharmaceutical Care

Blue Latitude Health - who are a creative marketing consultancy - provide Janssen with an iBase brand asset management system.

Assets managed include images, videos, case studies, leaflets, promotional material, PR items, PowerPoint presentations, animations, speaker slides, patient material, scientific communications, training resources and much more besides.

Authorised users can access any items according to the permissions allocated by the system manager to their login credentials, search in a wide variety of ways, and download original items for themselves as required.

Some of the features included for Janssen are:

  • Worldwide browser based uploading and system management.
  • High security login for authorised users, including sales reps.
  • Download files by authorised users.
  • Automatic search suggestions 'as you type'.
  • Customised case study layouts.
  • Highlights featuring recently uploaded items.

iBase also supports Active Directory authentication if required, which allows users to login using their existing network credentials.

Janssen use iBase software for Brand Asset Management