Digital asset management glossary i


Image library and management system; image archive software; image asset management; image library system; image management.
Some of the many applications for digital asset management systems.
Image resolution

The degree of definition or detail of a computer screen or printer output. Usually expressed in dpi (dots per inch) for printed output and pixels for screen displays. The higher the resolution the greater the definition available.

Image server software

Web server software which specializes in delivering images.

Image storage online

Storing, usually in a way that enables search and retrieval, images and often other file types on a web based service.

Image storage software

Software that provides for the storage of images and other file types such as video, audio and document, usually with search and retrieval features.


Like the index of a book and in the context of digital asset management, indexes are used by databases to enable rapid search and retrieval of asset records.


Cataloguing - adding and editing textual data to a database of digital assets, including descriptions, captions, keywords / tags, creating relationships between items.


A global interconnection of networks, used amongst other things by the World Wide Web.


A network internal to an organization, also known as a LAN (Local Area Network).


Textual metadata embedded in a file. Fields available include:

File name, Copyright, Caption, Caption writer, Headline, Special instructions, Keywords, Category, Supplemental categories, Urgency, Byline, Byline title, Credits, Source, Object name, Date created, City, Provenance, Country, Original transmission reference