Digital asset management glossary f


Federated searching

A federated search is the simultaneous searching of multiple online databases, with the facility to see a list of returns from each source with clickable links that will connect directly to the source database. There are many techniques for achieving federated searching, one of the most flexible and easiest to implement being a REST (REpresentational State Transfer) server. See also REST.

Field (database)

Database fields are elements of a database in which data is stored. In the context of digital asset management systems it should be possible to create as many as are required.

File size

The size of digital asset file measured in Bytes, typically Megabytes or Kilobytes. The number and sizes of files determine the amount of storage space required for them.


Whereas the original descriptive metadata for an asset is usually created by the originator or administrators of a digital library, the addition of keywords or tags by the general public, also known as social tagging or classification, creates a richer interpretation generically described as a folksonomy.

File transfer protocol

A means of transferring files from one location to another.


In the context of digital asset management systems and online digital libraries, the delivery of an asset to a user. Typical methods of fulfilment include direct download after authorisation by an administrator or an online (e-commerce) payment, or sending the asset as an e-mail attachment, or on a disc using a courier or postal service.