Digital asset management glossary d


Data integrity

Data integrity with regard to a database system usually consists of three mechanisms for ensuring that the data stored is accurate, consistent and maintainable: primary keys, foreign keys and defined values. A primary key states that a certain field, or column, should be unique and not null, a foreign key states that a value in a field in one table must either be null or conform to a value in a specified column in another table, and defined values states that the value of a field must be drawn from a defined pool of values.


The computer files in which information is stored. Digital asset management and picture library systems use a database for storing the information associated with each asset, and sometimes for storing the asset itself. More flexible systems store the assets outside the database, but with an association between the assets and the database.

Database schema or structure

The definition of the elements of the database, such as number and type of fields and the relationships between items e.g. parent / child.

Digital asset library

Provide a web-based central library for all of your digital assets.

Digital asset management system
DAM system

A computer system which provides, at the most basic level, the tools necessary to store digital assets and catalogue them with associated descriptive text data and keywords, and then be able to readily search for, view, and retrieve the assets as required.

Digital Assets Management

See DAM systems

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software - SaaS (Software as a Service)

A hosted digital asset management system. The software is hosted on remote server, perhaps using AWS Cloud technologies, and users do not need any software on their local machine, other than a standard browser.

Digital Asset Manager

Organise and centralise all of your media files in a single web location.

Digital Asset Software

Ensure that your sales teams and marketing teams are using your most current materials.

Digital Content Management Software

Upload moving images, stills, video, slide-shows, graphics,documents, audio or a combination via a web-based interface.

Digital Image Database Software

organise your image collections.

Digital Image Library Software

organize and store your growing image collection online.

Digital Image Management Software

See Digital Image Library Software

Digital Media Asset Management Software

manage, organise and retrieve all file types, including images, video, audio, documents etc…

Digital rights management

In the same way as a book, film, printed photograph, work of art etc… is protected by the laws of copyright, digital representations often also need to be protected. This might be achieved by a visual watermark on images that can be viewed, via the internet say, or by making only part of an asset available to the public at large.

Digital video asset management

Manage, organise and retrieve video files.


The process of creating a digital (computer file) representation of a picture, drawing, film, audio recording, text or a three dimensional object.

Document imaging management software

Manage, organise and retrieve documents and drawings of all kinds.

Domain name

The unique name of a website, for example in the case of this website.

Dots per inch

The resolution (degree of definition or detail) of printed material.

Dublin Core

The shorthand name (derived from where the original work was done, Dublin in Ohio) for the outcome of a project intended to offer a standard database structure for recording descriptive textual data.