Digital asset management glossary a


Asset Management

In the context of digital asset management, recording details about assets and storing them in association with the asset itself, for subsequent search and retrieval via an internal network or on the internet as required. Also referred to as Asset Management Applications which can store images and other types of media asset such as videos, audios and documents.

Asset Management Software / System

By using Asset Manager programs it's possible to manage all manner of digital assets.


A string of characters containing both letters and numerals, for example a U.K. post code LS29 8QP.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange

A binary code of eight Bits providing 28 = 256 unique combinations assigned to all of the English alphabet, including upper and lower case, the digits 0

9, punctuation marks, and a number of special characters. ASCII was originally designed as a code for Telex communications.
Apache web server

Open source web server software in common use. The Microsoft equivalent is IIS.

Aspect ratio

The dimension of the longest side of a rectangle divided by the dimension its shortest side. Commonly used to describe film and photographic formats, television and computer screen formats etc… Thus an image with a long side of 20cm and a short side of 12cm would be said to have an aspect ratio of 20:12 or 1.67:1

Audit trail

In the context of digital asset management, a record of all actions performed on a system by user and date / time, such as adding an item, adding or changing textual data, deleting an item etc…