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Key requirements - Image management system, Video library; Multimedia digital asset management; Digital image database system

Please see the list of our requirements below.


  • The system would need to be visually integrated with our intranet. It could be a stand alone system but would need to have the 'look and feel' of our main site.
  • Personalise/customisable to our identity and have requirements and the ability to be structured in line with company structure.
  • Accessible as a group wide system.
  • Available at to all AD users.
  • The system needs to operate quickly, searching through thousands of images of large file sizes.
  • All images to have thumbnails and descriptive titles which should be created on upload to make the navigation of the library efficient.
  • Any size or file format of image can be uploaded onto the system (jpg, tiff, psd, png, gif, eps)
  • It must have basic permission levels that can be set via email addresses or AD user profiles so users will need to log in. The majority of users will have a basic level of access where they can download images. With selected individuals having advanced permissions for uploading and managing images. There will then need to be a top level of users with admin rights to maintain and develop the system.
  • Image reference (meta data) applied to each image when uploading to the library by having preset data for certain projects/groups of images. Once an album or project has been set up, any additional images will immediately have the same search functions and keywords applied.
  • Additional image information box used to attached text about content, model names/copyright/usage rights etc. A standard drop down/multiple choice list should be created to encourage standard use of terms.
  • A basic keyword search must be available; it needs to be customisable to suit the typical content of xxxxx's images
  • An advanced/dynamic search option - searchable by image rights, materials, region, date taken, image size, date uploaded, orientation, photographer etc
  • Size and format options on download, the same Image can be downloaded in varying formats to suite varying uses (Hi resolution pints, powerpoint slides)
  • Uploading criteria (standard list) that must be checked on upload of all images. To ensure use of model release forms - a policy will be set to encourage this.
  • Images or groups of images to have 'subject matter. owners linked or attached to them so enquiries can be sent directly to them.

All of these features are available as standard.


  • An option to show different amounts of image thumbnails on screen.
  • The facility to email the relevant team for suggestions of possible future photo shoots.
  • Contact sheets or an electronic 'light box' can immediately be created by click of a button to share a selection of images with other employees or external suppliers. This would be available depending on a users privileges.
  • Individual images or groups of images can be zipped and emailed or a link sent via email to reduce admin time and email bandwidth.
  • Videos files to be included.
  • Logos (inclusive of accreditations).
  • The image search function to have an option of being a 'pick list' or freestyle text search or combined.

All of these features are available as standard.

Nice to have

  • Selected images can be downloaded into branded word or PowerPoint templates
  • Duplicated images will automatically be blocked on upload using image content recognition rather than file names.
  • Download history/monthly search report functions to help analyse demand for images.

All of these features are available as standard.