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Key requirements - Global Image Library; Media Management Software; Image Archive Software; Online Multimedia Library

Objective / Functionality: Image library for use by client employees globally. Library to feature thumbnails of each image that can then be viewed or downloaded in high res. Do you typically handle creation of the thumbnail images if we provide the full high res files?

iBase automatically create thumbnails, preview and larger sizes as required during the upload process.

  • Each image will be titled and tagged with a number combination for identification.
  • Can the image library interface be branded with the client's creative? What level of customization is possible here? Could we provide you with a design for the site pages, basically a "skin" that would cover your library interface?

Basic things like the banner, home page content, plain text pages etc... can be easily done by the you or your client, or we can do it for you.

image library should also be searchable, so will need search functionality and images will also need to be keyword-tagged. would you do the keyword tagging? would the client have the opportunity to have input on this process?

If it's in there it can be found!

Individual users will not need admin capabilities (i.e. the ability to upload or tag images); only download. Can certain "super users" have the ability to upload, or how does that typically work?

Tagging is normally carried out by whoever is uploading the image, which is usually our client. If there's useable metadata embedded in the original images that can be automatically copied into searchable fields during the upload process.

Access: Password-protected either with unique logins for all users or with one generic UN/PW to be shared amongst users. Is there a cost difference here for 1 login vs. many? Is there a maximum # of users?

Yes, each user or groups of users can be given permissions to do as much or as little as you want. There are no cost implications of multiple logins, number of users, or number of items in the database.

File Formats: JPG and PDF only

Any file with a MIME type is supported, certainly including jpeg and pdf. If required iBase will create a thumb and reference sized image of the first page of a pdf.

Setup / Support: How long does setup typically take? What sort of ongoing customer support do you offer?

A standard system can be set-up within a few days.