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Key requirements - Digital repository; Graphics files; Digital asset management system; Controlled access; Global access; Multiple platforms

1 Problem - There are two separate repositories of fairly large graphics files and proposals. They are being accessed by personnel across large geographic boundaries, and from multiple computing platforms.

  • a. Solution - We need to provide for a common storage point that allows for 'reasonable' access times and cross-platform accessibility.
  • b. Impact on the Firm's primary voice and data network cannot be compromised.

2 Problem - management needs a system whereby work requests can be globally received and acted upon with some type work assignment workflow system.

  • a. Solution - Use a workflow system that incorporates the file storage, and allows for work requests to be either directly assigned. Alternatively, items could be prioritized in a queue, and the next available resource would pick up the request.

3 Problem - In an attempt to respond to client proposals, or simply attempt to pitch the business, inconsistent or unapproved materials are often used.

  • a. Solution - There is an added requirement for a digital asset system. This system would provide controlled access to authorized/approved marketing materials, as part of a 'self-serve' system that guarantees any materials that go out have consistent branding which has been approved.

iBase digital asset management software is a good fit for your requirements.