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Key requirements - Corporate image library; Local hosting; Marketing department; Flexible field structure; IPTC metadata; Unlimited users

We are looking for an application for our own corporate images. We would require a search engine function and for it to be accessible to employees in numerous different location, but possibly only able to download from the bank with certain user privileges etc? We have a large company here with several different divisions and are looking to manage our images in an online format (hosted locally) for the use of the marketing department but also being able to be viewed by other staff to search for certain images etc…


  • Are fields, and the layout of them, customisable (if the default is not to your needs/liking)?
  • Can fields be tailored to handle measurement?
  • Can you programme a field to make a calculation (for example, taking a metric measurement figure from one field and then showing it in imperial in another?)
  • Did you say the system can handle mathematical fractions? (I'm thinking of Imperial weights and measures)

Photoshop data

  • Can the system pick up 'file info' /catalogue data from Photoshop files?
  • Is there a maximum file size for stills?


Can you point me to some examples of working web sites which are using ibase for the previewing and sale of stills and or movies?

Graphics files

Is ibase able to handle graphics files, namely Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop (layered files) and RAW?

Stills and graphics files

  • I could be interested in ibase for managing a collection of stills and graphics files on a small internal network. If there were say 5 users, what would the cost of the software be?
  • We currently have around 5,000 images taking 2.2GB of space, however this is likely to grow and these are not high-res versions of the photos. I would like a library which can be accessed from all our sites and that is also hosted.

Mandatory Requirements

  • The system must be accessible for up to 450 users and unlimited external users. It is however envisaged that the actual number of internal users will be far lower than full 450 quoted. Bidders should be aware of this when proposing costs for any proposed software.
  • The solution must be able to run with the Windows 7 operating system and be able to import the existing JPEG archive of around 20,000 files (currently approx. 32 GB) and retain the existing IPTC metadata associated with each JPEG file. The intention is to continue using MS products and upgrade to Windows 10.
  • The archive expands by approx. 2500 images a year. The solution must be able to support this on-going expansion.
  • At least three staff members with administrative rights for the proposed photographic software. Administrators should be able to upload images to the archive, delete images from the archive, edit IPTC metadata, set up and edit metadata templates. They should also be able to control level of access to individual and groups of files. The administrators should be able to control user and group level access and set access levels for external users.
  • The administrators should be capable of creating group level access. For example certain offices may have access to specific photos whilst others don't.
  • The software should be able to be used without the need for high IT skills.
  • The software should be accessible from a network. Software should not need to be installed on individual workstations.
  • When importing /adding new images to the archive associated metadata should be able to be edited via customisable metadata templates, in batches and on individual files. IPTC/XMP metadata added to files from third party photo editing software (i.e.Photoshop / Photo Mechanic) should be able to be imported and read by the solution without modification.
  • The archive should be secure and fully searchable using, IPTC/XMP content searches, image orientation, filename and image size. It would be desirable for custom searched to be created by individual users or at a group level.
  • Searches should return results in an easily viewable image thumbnail format. It would be desirable for individual users to set the size of the image thumbnails.
  • Users must be able to create shareable lightboxes, these should be able to be shared with external users, it would be desirable for external users to be able to access the content of the lightbox without requiring a specific logon.
  • When downloading / exporting files from the archive users must have the option to resize the image for different uses i.e. for website, for email transmission, large print etc. The size of these outputs must be customisable.
  • Importing and exporting images via FTP should be supported.
  • Technical support should be available via telephone as a minimum from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

The iBase Digital Asset Management system is a very good fit for these requirements.