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Key requirements - Multi-media digital asset management; Image asset management; Audio asset management; Video Asset Management

We are looking to purchase a multi-user DAM application to manage 3-4 thousand digital images and a few tens of video files. Starting to look at the options on the market.

We'll have 1 or 2 internal admin users, 3 or 4 users with upload and edit rights and up to 10 internal viewing users (with view and download rights). It is not our core business by any means so ease-of-use is key - we won't be sending users on training courses!

iBase will accommodate any number of users with permissions as required. No training courses are needed for users, and an online briefing session of maybe an hour at the most will be sufficient for administrators.

Simple bulk/batch upload and edit of same metadata across a batch will be essential.

iBase has simple and intuitive upload and edit features, including multiple upload and batch edit.

Ease and speed of emailing selected image(s) is important (we use Outlook 2010 and MS Exchange).

Yes, there is a facility to email a link to a lightbox with login credentials giving access to only that lightbox. Your Outlook email client is fine.