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Key requirements - Digital asset management system; Media asset management software; Digital brand management; Audit trail

Asset Management

The system should provide the following facilities:

  • Ease of use
  • Upload by external photographers
  • Internal review and approval
  • Selection (that is images selected for a particular use are noted)
  • Editing of metadata
  • Classification for use by different departments
  • Flexible distribution (for example, selected images routed to different newspapers)
  • Lightboxes (to allow users to select images in a temporary working area)

Asset Types

  • Asset Types will include:
  • press photography
  • photography for use in magazines and leaflets
  • photography for the website and intranet
  • corporate identity
  • city branding
  • video files
  • The system should have the facility to manage associated documents, for example release forms and permission forms.


It should be possible to capture the following metadata relating to an image:

  • Photo title
  • Caption
  • Content keywords
  • Date taken
  • Date of expiry
  • Private comments
  • Format
  • File size and resolution
  • Dimensions
  • Photographer
  • Department
  • Owner
  • Usage
  • Copyright
  • Original version
  • Permissions (attached consent forms, names)
  • Summary or additional info (alt text)
  • Accessibility control:
  • Staff
  • Press
  • Public
  • Visitor and Convention Bureau

Search facility

Users must be able to search on any data associated with an image. Ideally the system will have an 'intelligent' search engine like Google. This should including 'language stemming', 'phonetic (sounds like)'. Search results should be sorted by relevance or date. The system should have a fast response time to searches.


The system should have a flexible display facility so that the Admin user can set up various galleries or categories. They must be able to create unlimited categories and assign pictures to those categories. The system must be able to generate dynamic galleries based on a saved search.

Reporting and audit

The system should ask users to complete a usage form so that we will have the ability to see where and when an image has been used, to avoid overuse. It should also allow activity reports by user.

The iBase Digital Asset Management (DAM) system supports all of these requirements.