Embedded Metadata

What is metadata?

iBase digital asset management adds metadata tagging and search capabilities to traditional file management. Metadata is information about a file – this can be digital rights management information, standard metadata schemas used for digital image tagging, geospatial information, approval stage levels and/or any custom information your organisation can imagine.

Auto extraction of metadata

iBase can automatically extract XMP and other metadata from inside files created with Adobe Photoshop or other Creative Suite applications. This lets designers “pre-load” files with relevant metadata. Then, anything that was added in the Creative Suite applications can be edited inside the DAM after the file is cataloged.

Embedded EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata in image files can be automatically mapped to any required data field in iBase during upload.

When uploading data you can specify options to determine how it's handled:

  • Read IPTC and EXIF metadata from an image
  • Read XMP data
  • Write IPTC metadata into image file
  • Edit EXIF metadata
  • Write XMP data

iBase maintains an audit trail of who did what and when so that you can keep track of changes.