For System Managers

Note: You need to be logged in as a System Manager for everything in this section. The Administration section of the site can be accessed by clicking the Cog button on the right side of the top banner, and selecting Admin Pages

Creating and Managing the Subject Hierarchy

On the Administration page, in the Schema block, click on Subjects.

The page shows any existing top-level subjects and a button to add a New Subject. At the bottom of the list of subjects there is a folder icon <new subject>.

Clicking a subject will show to its right any lower-level subjects that it has. Each lower-level subject can be clicked in the same way to display any lower-level subjects.

Adding Subjects

Creating a New Top Level Subject

Click the New Subject button or double-click the <new subject> folder icon at the foot of the list of top-level subjects. Enter the subject name and click Save.

Creating a New Second or Lower Level subject.

The New Subject button always operates on the lowest level visible on the page. It’s easier though to click <new subject> at the foot of the level you want to add a subject to.

Enter the subject name and click Save.

Renaming Subjects

Either click on a subject then click the Rename button, or double click the subject name.

Make your changes then click Save.

Moving Subjects

Click on a subject, then click the Move button. Click on the subject to move it to ‐ clicking through levels as required ‐ then click the Move Here button. This will also move any lower-levels under the moved subject.

Deleting Subjects

Click on the subject to delete, then click the Delete button. This will also delete any lower-levels under the deleted subject.