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Collections in iBase are a way of grouping together digital assets that are related in some way, for example they might be grouped together for an exhibition or marketing campaign, etc.

Single-click searching is available on a collection and, if required, some can be displayed on the home page in the form of a carousel or gallery.

Collections - like folders - are hierarchical, so each collection can contain further collections, as well as assets.

Creating a new collection

This creates the collection to which assets can be added.

From the left-hand menu, click Collections, then select New Collection or New Collection From Selection from the New Collection button drop-down.

Adding items to collections

Any item can be added to one or more collections.

Select the item, and on the Selections page use the Add to Collection button to add the currently-selected items to the required collection.

Removing items from collections

On the Collection's page, select the items for removal, then click Remove Selected from the Selection button's drop-down.