For Upload and Edit Users

Uploading Files

The Upload Files Page

First log in, then if you can't see the Upload Files button on the top banner, contact your system manager for the necessary permissions to be added to your account.

Click the Upload Files button to open the Import Files pop-up.

The upload procedure is the same whether uploading single or multiple items, and for all file types.

Select a Folder to Upload to

Either select an existing folder from the Import Files Into drop-down, or click on Make New Folder and create a new one by following the on-screen instructions.

Drag and Drop

Files can be dragged and dropped on to the Import Files pop-up, or selected using the Select Local Files button. As files are dragged in they’ll start to be uploaded straightaway - don't worry, you can keep on selecting files for upload.

Once upoloading is complete, click the Finished button and you'll be taken to the folder that they've been uploaded to.

Hot Folders

If the system has a hot folder, you can copy files to it - iBase will automatically upload them from there.

Embedded Metadata

If configured by a system manager, any metadata embedded within assets will be automatically copied to the relevant metadata fields in the system during upload.