For General Users

Sharing / providing access to assets

Individual items, collections and folders can all be shared independently and in several different ways, for example via social media, email, and web links.

Sharing individual items

To share an asset, click on the Share button on the item details page and select 'Share via Email' or the Social Media platform that you wish to share the the asset to. Fill in the required fields, logging-in if necessary.

Sharing collections and folders

The principles of providing access / sharing for both collections and folders are the same for each -

  • * By default permissions are inherited from any folder or collection above it in the hierarchy.
  • * Default or inherited permissions can be overwritten.

From within a collection or a folder click the Share (Collection or Folder) button and a window appears with the sharing / access options shown as follows - .

  • * Email - complete the fields and Send Email.
  • * Social media - click a logo and log in as required in the usual way.
  • * Create a link which can be copied then used or given out as required - click Show Shareable Link
  • * Grant access to - click in the box and select 'Anyone with the link', or any of the roles listed, or type a user's email address.
  • * For each of the roles listed the small drop list arrow under Access can be used to select what the role has permissions to do, such as upload, download, view etc... This overrides any existing or default inherited permissions for the role.