For General Users


Selecting Items

In a thumb gallery, items can be selected by:

  • Clicking the box at the top left corner of a thumb.
  • Using the Selection options at the top of the gallery. Note that Select All selects only the items on the current page in view, it doesn't include items from other pages that might have been returned by the search.
  • TIP: If you have, say, 80 items returned by a search, you can get them on to a single page by changing 'Items / Page' to 100 at the top right.

Clear Selected on the Selections button clears all currently selected items on the page in view.

Toggle Selected selects any unselected items on the page, and unselects any selected items on the page in view.

On an item page there is a Select button at the top of the page to select the item.

Viewing Selections

As items are selected, the Selections button on the top banner shows the total number of items selected.

The selected items are displayed as micro thumbs at the bottom of the page. To view them as a standard thumb gallery, click Open Full Page.

Items can be unselected by clicking the tick at the top left of each thumb.

When logged in, there are a range of options for selections at the top of the selections bar (or at the top of the page in Full Page view):

  • Clear
  • Print
  • Download
  • Move to Folder
  • Add to Collection
  • Batch Edit
  • Archive Items
  • Trash Items
  • Map Metadata to Fields

Clear Selection

Clicking the Clear Selection button will deselect all the items and close the selections bar.

Print Selection

Clicking the Print Selection button will open a pop-up where you can select from the available print templates. Clicking the HTML or PDF buttons will print all the currently selected items using the required template.

Download Selection

Clicking Download Selection will bring up the Download pop-up, where you can select the export policy that you wish to use. Note that not all export policies are available to all users. Files downloaded from your selection will be zipped-up before download.

Move to Folder

Clicking Move to Folder will open a pop-up which will allow you to search for or create a new folder to move your selected items into.

Add to Collection

Clicking the Add to Collection button will open a pop-up which will allow you to add your selected items to a new or existing collection. Note that each item can be a member of multiple collections.

Batch Edit

Clicking the Batch Edit button will open the Batch Edit dialog. See Batch Editing for more details.

Archive Items

Clicking on Archive Items will move all of the currently selected items into the archive. See Archiving Items for more details.

Trash Items

Clicking on Trash Items will move all of the currently selected items into the trash. See Moving Items to Trash for more details.

Map Metadata

Clicking on the Map Metadata to Fields button will open a pop-up which will enable you to import descriptive and technical metadata from the files. See Metadata Mapping for more details.