For General Users

Getting Started

Log In

If you don't have log in details you will need to register.

To log in, click on the Log In button on the top banner. In the resulting pop-up, enter your email address and password, noting any terms and conditions acknowledgement that might be required.


To register, move the mouse over the Log In button and click on the Register option in the drop-down menu. In the resulting pop-up, complete the user details on the registration form, then click the Register button.

If you need to register, but there isn't a Register option, please contact your system manager.

Manage Account Details and Change Password

To manage your account details or change your password, log in and move your mouse over the "person" icon on the top banner.

Clicking Account Details will open a pop-up where you'll be able to edit your details and preferences - a red asterisk means that an entry must be made.

Clicking Change Password will open a pop-up where you'll be able to enter a new password. Note the requirements for your new password detailed at the bottom of the pop-up.