Cloud Hosting

Cost-effective and hassle-free hosting with iBase

Security and peace of mind

iBase digital asset management can be hosted in our secure US or UK based cloud environments with as much storage as you need and plenty of bandwidth. And don't worry if you need more storage space - we have a range of flexible hosting packages that can be easily bolted on.

  • Only pay for the storage space used.
  • Robust and secure.
  • iBase monitors all hosted sites once every 45 seconds, and if any site fails to respond within the control time over a period of 135 seconds an email and SMS alert are sent to appropriate iBase personnel for attention 24/7/365.
  • High bandwidth ensures a fast and responsive experience for users.
  • Browser-based visitor analysis tool is included free of charge.
  • The web servers are clustered with automatic fail-over if a primary machine fails.
  • All programs, data and digital assets images (images etc...) are backed up every 24 hours.