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Brand Asset Management

What is a brand asset management system?

Brand asset management - Single seater experience at Silverstone Quite simply, a system for keeping track and ensuring the consistent application of the digital resources used to define a company's brand, the logos, colours, graphics, images etc... for publicity material, documentation, websites and so on.

Key requirements include the ability to easily and quickly store any type of file, and crucially, to then be able to search for and find them when they're needed.

  • Never lose your valuable brand asset items again - they're always stored in the same location.
  • Provide external agencies with permissions to see and download only the items intended for them.
  • Everyone in your organisation can see what has been used, when, and what for.
  • Protect your brand and stay one jump ahead of your competitors.
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Control and distribution for brand asset management

The key requirements of a brand asset management system are to ensure that digital assets, once created, are not misplaced or lost; to know which images and other assets have been used for what; and of course to be able to search a database of assets to find the right item for a specific purpose.

Digital brand asset management for marketing campaigns

In a similar way as for brand asset management - marketing department requirements include administrative control over users and access rights; powerful searching; image request and authorised download; automatic logging of image use.