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50 shades of using digital asset management

20th June 2016

Whilst you may all be planning a sterling holiday out of the British Isles or even a bit boggier within them, you can be assured that we’re still working on your digital asset management needs.

50 shades of using digital asset management

We could certainly work on 50 shades of favourite holiday destinations to visit in a lifetime but here are the 50 shades of uses for our DAM software instead.

  1. brand asset management
  2. picture library software
  3. engineering departments managing their digital files
  4. CAD files and autoCAD diagrams
  5. Office documents and managing them for your clients or brand asset management company.
  6. curatorial level image storage for museums and art galleries
  7. digital asset management custom workflows
  8. photography departments responsible for digesting and cataloguing images from slides and acetates
  9. journalists who remotely upload images taken so that editors in the office can view them online immediately
  10. videographers requiring tight version control from clip bin level to final purchasable video file
  11. independent photographers wishing to sell their accumulated stores of images and videos
  12. musicians trying to digitally manage their back catalogue of audio files rather than keeping them on portable storage
  13. media departments wishing to share documents and watermarked preview images with prospective clients
  14. dental and hygenist offices wishing to store patient record data alongside images of present and past treatments
  15. shipping vessels along with their cargo and history of repair
  16. lorries and their cargo need to be synced regularly using lorry DAM software syncronised with the iBase cloud
  17. veterinary surgeries securly storing their images of past treatments alongside all pet metadata
  18. virtual reality asset files for inserting into game making frameworks
  19. online shops wishing to offer flexible internal credit systems to generate more revenue through the selling of their catalogue of files
  20. travel companies sharing and using the iBase API to serve up content on third party sites
  21. family history and gene history data combined with organising any pictures which may be related to one another
  22. memoires from historical events such as world wars
  23. news articles along with blog articles provided by journalists
  24. photoshop users who may have used Adobe Bridge but found it doesn’t quite fit their needs when needing to communicate image version to colleagues around the globe
  25. architects needing to organise and attach many documents and images to a specific building, i.e. work carried out in chronological order
  26. sports organising bodies such as World Rugby manage the pictures of all players along with gameplay videos
  27. university media departments use iBase DAM cloud to prepare brochure images for sending to prospective and current students
  28. public sector organisations like councils use digital asset management to track property use and collate images to display alongside their respective metadata
  29. history departments find iBase DAM cloud the ideal way to cleanly organise vast quanitities of metadata into a timeline and then associate images with each data entry point
  30. science museums collate the history of science and all of the tools that have been used in the medical industry over the years
  31. holiday companies increasingly wish to move to our cloud digital asset management software for delivering the best global service for clients and holiday description data and images
  32. hotels take picture of their various guest room on a regular basis and serve them up online for people to see
  33. copyright is an incredibly important part of online digitisation and frequently overlooked – our system are configured to make your live easier and remove the need for concern over legal eagles knocking on your inbox door
  34. gardeners can add to their online presence by contributing images to this very visual past time that many people enjoy spending their free time on
  35. beauty salons require very clean and simple custom site designs whilst ensuring that only the latest images of current styles and fashion trends make it on to their site
  36. advertisers use iBase picture libraries to enure homepage content is continually rotated to keep the content fresh and ensuring that users are drawn back to their digital asset management site again and again
  37. galleries provide valuable resources to the community by making unwatermarked high resolution zoomable images available to anyone on the web
  38. police forces in the UK collate evidence and send it straight to the cloud for secure storage in line with the most up to date data protection storage and backup standards
  39. body cameras take footage around the glove for security forces and then make the content and metadata available for indexing and returning accurate search results
  40. video game assets typicaly contain hundreds of individal 3D object files in all manner of formats – game developers store these originals in any format for immediate use, which the lower quality previews make choosing the correct digital asset faster than ever before
  41. housing developers contribute audio files transcribing the house description as they’re assessed
  42. video on demand service stream their original video files converted to MP4 across the globe when using iBase cloud to serve their video library
  43. charitable organisations and charities help to gather the fundraising images for future brochures together in one place whilst making sure that child protection requirements are strictly met
  44. conservation groups travel across the globe methodically detailing the changes to the earth in the digital management software which also pins images alongside the respective data
  45. egaming companies can organise their event and show content for online viewing. The video library software aspect really shows how watermarked videos can be protected and copyrighted online
  46. department stores serve digital assets and images to third party bloggers to use on their website
  47. fashion houses drive online presence by sharing high quality images securely online without any need to log in first
  48. oceanographers sail the seas using their robotic diving instruments to send back images and videos which are then securely stored in their digital asset management software
  49. picture library managers can take their online business to a new level and create new revenue streams to unlock the value tied up in their digital files
  50. Number 50, we got there together…it’s pretty much any business where you need to store all of your digital files online and then have the peace of mind they’re safe. Then decide what you’d like to do with them next – sell them, or provide a public service perhaps or store them on your private internally accessible network for archiving purposes.

There are quite a few uses there to get the grey matter working but if you have any idea at all which you think may benefit from customised digital asset management services then you’re certainly in the correct place so please do get in touch.

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