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11th June 2019

3 day to day activities DAM can help with

Digital asset management (DAM) can transform the way your company works. That applies both on a broad scale and in terms of day to day activities. From organising office schedules to updating brand guides, there are a number of time-consuming tasks that can be managed easily with a robust DAM platform.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at three day to day activities that can be made easier with DAM…

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1. Organising schedules

One of the biggest benefits of a DAM system is the time it can save in a large office or business with multiple departments. As well as making it easier for everyone to access the same files as and when they need to, a DAM system allows users to view and monitor their own and others’ schedules.

Rather than sending an email only to be ignored for days or heading to the partner office only to discover your meeting was cancelled, you can organise your schedule with ease. By storing all daily schedules in one, easily accessible spot, you don’t need to worry about conflicting arrangements and missed meetings. Your staff can simply check their schedule, request meetings with others and check their whereabouts to avoid making wasted journeys.

2. Sharing files

When working in a large team or across multiple departments or branches, it’s important to be able to share files quickly with other staff. Avoid having to chase up missing documents and mistakenly sending incomplete files to clients with a clearly organised and easy-to-use storage system.

With a DAM, staff can work easier and smarter. Routine tasks, whether its editing an existing file or uploading a new file to your workspace, can be taken care of with ease. And the mundane, time-consuming tasks can be automated, freeing up time to focus on the more important matters. In short, a DAM allows you to speed up your daily tasks and give employees more time by allowing the easy sharing of files and documents.

3. Collaborating with partners

Having positive client relationships is essential for the success of a business. Without easy and open communication with clients and partners, you risk not being on the same page and producing work that you, or your customers, are not happy with.

By using DAM, you can upload new brand guidelines for each customer and partner, allowing all those working on the project to access the most up to date brand guide. That will reduce the risk of getting the message wrong, speed up the working process and make your clients happier with the end result.

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3 Day to Day Activities DAM Can Help With