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Requirements Case Study No. 3

28th July 2015

These are requirements that we have received, with information relating to the identity of the originator removed.

Requirements received: Currently we have a dedicated “Reference Library” folder that is shared across our network. At the moment it is a total mess, comprising of 3,074 folders and 35,000 files.

Requirements Case Study

It is unprotected and has no intelligent search feature (only the Windows search function). It is difficult to navigate and it is very easy to “lose” assets in it.

Our Assets

We have a mixture of assets and asset types. They consist primarily of documents, both Word and PDF, but we also have a number of spreadsheets, slide shows, images and videos.

Typical documents include previous reports we have produced and now use as examples of good practice, legislation, standards, codes of practice, reference texts, vendor information, product details, etc…. These can exist by themselves or in groups e.g. we have some reference texts that exist in one document or split up among a number of documents.

We also have a “Picture Library” which contains a range of images, mostly report diagrams and corporate imagery, which I would like to merge with the “Reference Library”.

Who Uses Our Assets

The library is accessible to everyone at the company (60+ people). This consists of our central office and a number of construction sites. We also have a number of people who often work remotely, either at home or on the move. At the moment, the library can be accessed through a terminal server which people can log onto from outside the office. The information contained within the library is very valuable to the company and no one outside can access it.

The Solution We Require

We need software which can:

  • Be accessible to everyone, on and off site (whether this is through our current terminal server or a browser based solution)
  • Offer different levels of access depending on type of user e.g. access/read/submission only for general users and access/read/submission/write/delete/approval for administrators.
  • Be easy to use e.g. use of drag and drop facilities, etc….
  • Automatic upload of meta data, able to export meta data, ability to customise meta data / search fields.
  • To sort by keywords rather than categories.
  • To be able search by meta data fields, keywords, etc….
  • Enable preview of assets in software before download/export

Requirements met: The iBase Trinity digital asset management system fulfils all of these requirements.

Find out more: For more information about iBase digital asset management and multi-media library systems, please get in get in touch with us at sales@ibase.com or +44 (0)1943 603636. We look forward to hearing from you.

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