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Managing audio files within digital asset management software

13th April 2015

Any audio file format can be ingested into your digital asset management software and the original stored untouched. In certain cases, such as with WAV files, the original format doesn’t support streaming, and so additional streaming MP3 or M4A versions are created for previewing over the web.

Managing audio files within digital asset management software

We understand it’s essential to store your originals completely unaltered, but the streaming versions can be created at any bit rate or sample rate you choose to ensure you find the ideal balance between storage space used and audible quality.

Lastly, to organise your audio assets we can set up relationships to group all of your linked audio files onto the same pages enabling users to more easily discover your content with minimal searching effort required.

Working with audio files can generate many versions which may all need to be linked via relationships such as Album to Song – our digital asset management solution seamlessly and reliably covers all bases.

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