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Deep personalisation available in your marketing asset management system

18th August 2016

When presenting our digital asset management software to potential users we make it clear that absolutely anything you see on the screen can be easily customised to your personal preferences.

Deep personalisation available in your marketing asset management system

Our appreciation for personalisation runs deep when listening to your custom requirements. With so many available use cases for our digital asset management platform it can be difficult sometimes to copy across all of the baked in terminology you’re accustomed to using during day-to-day business life. For example, lightboxes versus selections, subjects versus keywords, collections versus exhibitions, images grouped into albums versus videos grouped into shotlists.

That’s not to say the process of procuring your digital asset management software from iBase will be difficult – there are many no-brainer aspects of design and workflow which you’ll intuitively pick up as you begin a free no obligation 30 day trial period. Easy viewing and easy organisation with uploading is at the forefront of the out of the box key DAM software features you’ll immediately become familiar with.

Figuring out your base requirements during an initial consultation also enables us to immediately activate or disable certain out of the box features which you may need. For example, ecommerce or geolocation – you either have no intention at all of using them or they would be pivotal to your marketing success.

Lastly, social media and commenting features can be a great benefit or a great hindrance to your planned activities. A serious librarian or curator of objects would perhaps baulk at the prospect of a commenting system rather than a considered summary and history from a smaller number of librarians but video library ecommerce sites for example would find this a sterling tool to interact with visitors and regular users. There’s also an comment approval mechanism and swear filter to boot.

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