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Connecting your business through digitally managed processes

16th May 2016

You’d be surprised how many companies continue to rely on a shared network drive to organise the entire company collection of documents, images and digital assets in general without even knowing about the concept of a digital asset management piece of software that’s tailor made for the task at hand.

Connecting your business through digitally managed processes

If you’re planning on scaling or organising your business through new workflows, or even planning for future growth then you can quickly realise how using a shared network drive won’t allow for connecting offices across the world. Instead you’ll need powerful search tools, available using a web browser from any location or device. Secure your digital business world from unauthorised access through iBase’s multiple levels of authentication, security and encryption that are baked into the DAM software as standard, or alternatively it’s an option to install our software up on your internal network instead.

Enjoy a 30 day trial of our software and see how it’ll fit in and enhance your existing day to day business life, enabling you to focus time on those things that matter most to you.

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