BBC heritage collectionDigital asset management

The BBC heritage collection is a fascinating collection of arts, artefacts and historic technology from the earliest days of the BBC up to the present.

Digital asset management for heritage

The BBC's requirements fulfilled by an iBase DAM system included -

  • An image and other media file management and cataloguing system for a multiple users.
  • Ease of loading of images and basic metadata by occasional users.
  • On-screen help and aide-memoirs for volunteers and occasional users.
  • Comprehensive security ensuring data entry staff cannot corrupt other fields.
  • Ability to handle disparate entities, such as paintings and manuscripts, within the same database while each is given an appropriate set of data fields; text searching across all these different data records in the system.
  • Master and detail images of three dimensional objects; intranet/web searches only return master images so that detail is always seen in context.
  • Rational handling of items without image content.
  • Creation of electronic exhibitions or themes such as "Lord Reith" with multimedia content.
  • Linking an image of, for example, a painting with educational and background data and files from a wide range of disparate sources; links can produce educational "trails" on a website.
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