Advanced Field Search

Powerful field-based search for fine-tuning your results

All the fields you need

Include as many search fields on pages or individual tabs as you like. Completely customise the number of visible fields for individual types of user.

A curators dream

Whilst the quick search facility is useful for users who aren't too familiar with your contents, the field search is aimed to make the life of your power user as easy as possible. For large collections you can drill down with an extremely flexible and specific set of search options - each of which is detailed below.

Combine terms

Combine as many fields as you like into one search to get exactly the results you're looking for. Use boolean operators for greater flexibility.

Empty Fields

Return all of your digital files where the associated metadata does not contain any data in the selected fields - great for identifying gaps in the your collection.

Is not empty

Return all of your digitally managed files where the associated metadata contains at least some data in the fields you selected to search on.


This search on your digital asset management site will return only those files where an exact data match is located.

Does not match

This search returns all the digital files which do not exactly match your provided search term.


Slightly different to the 'Match' search option, this will find occurrences of the search term which may exist as part of a phrase or word.

Does not contain

In the circumstance where certain records sets are required which don't contain certain data, this field search option should be used. For example, you may be looking for results which don't contain the year 1988.

Starts with

This flexible option will return exactly those files where the term appears at the beginning of the associated data.

Ends with

This search option is used when looking for a word or phrase which appears at the end of your data.