AB MauriMedia asset management

AB Mauri is a global family of yeast and bakery ingredient companies and one of the largest producers and distributors in the world, striving to be the leaders of innovation within the industry. With significant presence in over 30 countries around the world, AB MAURI is ABF’s most global business and it employs over 6,000 employees around the world.

Multimedia digital asset management

Requirements included -

  • Be password protected so only employees with user accounts could log in.
  • Be able to store thousands of image files. This would in many cases include various file types and sizes for any one given image.
  • The ability to store film and ppt files etc.
  • Provide the ability to download selected file types for any given file - preferably with a batch download option too.
  • Have a good clear search system.
  • Utilise a clear and straight forward gallery style interface if available.
  • Be content manageable.
AB Mauri using iBase Media Asset Management