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Key requirements - Multi-media digital asset management; Video storage; Video streaming; Photo library; Marketing asset management; Intranet based

We need an image library to store likely tens of thousands of images to be used in our research reports that we publish on our subscription based website and/or deliver to clients as part of events and training sessions. We need the ability to store photos, videos and other multi-media file formats.

  • To create one central photo library where images, video clips, artwork and logos can be stored.
  • To free space on the Marketing and Communications HDD.
  • To enable the entire business plus registered suppliers, members of the public and press to access and utilise the material.
  • Provide an extranet site that has the capacity to store large files including digital image files (up to 15MB), video clips, podcasts, artwork, logos, maps and power point presentations. These files will come in a variety of formats such as JPEG, EPS, TIFF and GIF
  • The system will be required to save large amounts of data, and will need to work efficiently without slowing down the computer network.
  • The system will enable approved users to upload and download the content at a fast speed.
  • Seamless integration with the intranet (people access the photo library through the intranet)
  • Thumb nail images can be viewed by anyone with access. Permission would be needed in order to download full size images.
  • Users will have the facility to compress files to reduce the size of the documents to speed up download times
  • There will be a 'quick search' and 'advanced search' function, which uses key words and phases to identify a file
  • Have an archive that is clearly labelled and easy to use
  • Provide training for key people involved in maintaining the photo library and enable the photo library to be maintained in-house
  • Ensure that the software is compatible with current systems being used by Group IT
  • Have an influence over the look and feel of the product so it matches the brand image
  • Ensure that the files are copy write protected and cannot be changed or modified once downloaded
  • Monitor the users access
  • A facility to set charges for downloading if required
  • Email notification once the file has been downloaded to monitor activity
  • Collate all of the images from around the company.
  • Filter through the images, deleting any bad quality and out of date images
  • Sort and scan any hard copies of old photographs or slides
  • Upload agreed images onto library

iBase multi-media asset management software will fulfil all of these requirements.