Developer api

Allow third-party websites and applications to securely access your digital files via our powerful API.

Extract Assets

Extract Assets and Metadata

As standard iBase contains an API which allows external systems to extract assets and metadata using a wide variety of search criteria.

The API allows third-party applications - such as web sites - to query an iBase repository via an HTTP request and retrieve assets and metadata in the form of a structured document.

The iBase data schema is highly configurable, and provides for such things as the creation and management of a structured subject / category / keyword hierarchy, item relationships and also enables sets of data fields to be created that are specific to each of any number of separate item types within a single database.

The iBase API fully supports all aspects of the iBase data schema, making it ideal for exporting assets in a distributed environment.

Federated Searching

A federated search is the simultaneous searching of multiple online databases, with the facility to see a list of returns from each source with clickable links that will connect directly to the source database.

From the perspective of an organisation who want to make their database available for federated searches, they need to be able to expose selected data to the outside world in a way that can be interrogated by a federated search engine.

The iBase API enables this.

Federated Searching
Third-party Integration

Integrate with CM Systems

Third-party integration is available - we can poll your external content management systems and automatically bring in content at regular intervals.